It's a curious phenomena. Some parts of the "Save Our State" a.k.a. "Minutemen" hate cult openly expose their white supremist ideologies while other parts of SOSMM proclaim that not only are they not racists, they don't want their white supremist members, supporters, defenders, and participants.

How is one to tell them apart if, indeed, they are some how different? They stand on the same street corners, spewing the same hate and bigotry, exhibiting the same violence against Americans with brown skin whom they believe -- erroniously or otherwise -- to have Mexican ancestors, and they hold the same hate signs.

So how is one to tell them apart?

It would be nice if they would wear their hooded cloaks again, or wear Nazi symbols or otherwise wear something that would indicate that though they're apparently part of SOSMM, they're not wanted among other SOSMM members, supporters, defenders, and participants.

Identifying the SOSMM et al. people and noting their involvements with hate cults is a good way to uncover the public relations efforts some hate cults engage in to try to hide the core ideologies of their members and support groups. And the following was listed from individuals within the anti-hate arena.

It is a honest question. I would like to know how one can tell the alleged non-white supremists from the white supremists when they're virtually indistinguishable. If anyone knows a verifiable, testable, falsifiable way to tell, please email me.


Monday, July 18, 2005


Police report expected to show that S.O.S. and National Alliance members allegedly tried to attack counterdemonstrator at 7/16 rally


LAGUNA BEACH, CA -- "The rally in [Laguna Beach] this morning was better than I could even imagine," wrote OCAngel in a message she posted on the "Save our State" website last Saturday night. "Thank you to SOS for allowing me an outlet to announce this event, and a place to rant, rave, and bitch, as well as meet new friends. Thank you to those who couldn't make the rally but kept us in good thoughts." {1}

OCAngel (whose real name I'm withholding for the moment) is a Laguna Beach mom who is fed up with "illegal immigration". She's angry that a portion of the revenues the yearly Sawdust Art Festival generates for the beach community she calls home are being used to fund a day labor center for undocumented workers. So on the morning of Saturday, July 16th, she held a protest on the public sidewalk outside of the event "to educate the public and tourists about how their Festival of the Arts ticket money is being used to aid and support illegal immigration." {2}

By OCAngel's accounts, the rally she worked hard putting together was indeed a smashing success. More than sixty people showed up, while only five counterdemonstrators appeared to oppose them. Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist, an Aliso Viejo resident, dropped by for awhile to pay his respects. Barbara Coe, the venerable Chairwoman of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) and co-author of Proposition 187, was also there. And Don Silva (aka "OldPreach"), one of Joe Turner's close allies, was running around dressed in camouflage again, waving around an American flag (for matter of record, the rally itself was not officially endorsed by S.O.S.). {3}

But members of the National Alliance, an avowedly white supremacist organization, appeared to be out in full force that day. In fact, somebody who calls herself occutegirl, perhaps unbeknownst to her at the time, posted a photograph she took of two reputed members of that group on the "Save Our State" website. The photo shows a young woman (alleged to be "dixieland_delight" on the Stormfront White Nationalist Community website) and a man suspected of being her boyfriend holding up a blue banner reading, "DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS," with the words, "http://www.SaveOurState.org," emblazoned just underneath them in much smaller type. {4}

After realizing that a good number of "white nationalists" had attended her rally, OCAngel, to her credit, took some steps to distance herself from them. In one cryptic posting on the "Save Our State" website, she hinted publicly to a person who apparently had sent her a private message that they had "an agenda I do not agree with" and would "have preferred your group [possibly the National Alliance] to set up further and separate from us [on Saturday, July 16th], and not aligned yourselves with us in any way. I appreciated that you did not openly flaunt your views ..." {5}

But the truth is, despite OCAngel's apparent despair over all the National Alliance members who showed up to her Laguna Beach rally, evidence is rapidly mounting that white supremacists from across Southern California are trying to work hand and glove with "Save Our State" and its members in every protest and demonstration they organize; in fact, in some circumstances, it appears some white supremacists are active members of that group. And for the very first time anywhere, evidence of loose ties between S.O.S. members and people known to be white supremacists are going to be documented in an explosive report soon to be filed by Officer Andy Peck, the Laguna Beach policeman who monitored OCAngel's rally against the day labor center.

Naui Huitzilopochtli, was one of five people who showed up to demonstrate against OCAngel's Laguna Beach rally last Saturday. A seasoned activist, he's been involved in many protests and demonstrations here in Orange County, defending the rights of the Mexican people against racism, oppression, and police brutality. Another person who showed up that foggy morning was Sam, a UC Santa Cruz student, whose parents came to this country from Bombay, India; she was spending her summer vacation at their home in the Northern part of the County. "Undocumented workers are NOT the enemy!" was a sign she proudly held up throughout the demonstration.

For more than an hour, Naui, Sam, and the other counterdemonstrators that came that day endured the crude insults and taunts of a bald headed white man (hereafter to be known as "Baldy") who attended OCAngel's rally. "You are my slave," he allegedly shouted to them in as loud a voice he could possibly could utter across the wide swath of pavement known as Laguna Canyon Road. Sam told me that Baldy appeared to be "obsessed" with them; he spent most of his time hurling racist, derogatory comments: "He said things like, 'Go back home! You're fucking up this country! You're making it like Tijuana!,'" she remarked.

At around 11:10 a.m, the Reverend Wiley Drake, a right-wing Baptist minister from Buena Park, walked directly across Laguna Canyon Road to interview the small handful of counterdemonstrators that had assembled along the fence. He was wearing headphones and was talking into a microphone to a Christian talkshow that was being broadcast live over internet radio. Noticing that Drake had jaywalked, a Laguna Beach policeman got pretty miffed. "Hey, what are you doing? Trying to cross the street when I wasn't looking, huh?" the officer allegedly blurted out to the Reverend, who at that time was talking with Naui and asking him if he would be interested in being interviewed. "Go back around the other side," the cop said.

Appearing a bit confused, and not wanting to ignore what he thought was a policeman's order, Drake decided to head back to OCAngel's anti-day labor center rally. But instead of jaywalking, he walked South on the public sidewalk toward the crosswalk, which was about several hundred feet away: quite a long distance. Naui followed closely behind him, with the belief the interview was going to continue, but at a different location.

It was at that moment that all hell began to break loose. According to Sam, a number of people attending the anti-day labor center protest began yelling at the top of their lungs. "He's going to assault the preacher!" she heard one person remark. "Arrest him and deport him!" another person was alleged to have shouted. Suddenly, Baldy and two other males, including Frank, a Cuban-American member of the "Save Our State" organization, unexpectedly darted out into the street in front of oncoming traffic and began running like crazy across Laguna Canyon Road. Hot on their heels were two Laguna Beach policeman. "Hey, stop!" Officer Peck was alleged to have shouted at the men, all of whom were rushing toward Naui.

Naui, who turned around quickly to see what all the commotion was about, began to fear for his life; he believed he was going to get physically attacked. He claimed Baldy had a big knife and was allegedly told by the men coming after him that "his ass was going to get kicked." But before that could happen, Officer Peck tackled Baldy to the ground with such force that it caused his eyeglasses to come flying right off of his head. His partner then pinned Baldy down. "You came here with the intention of looking for a fight, didn't you?" Officer Peck allegedly told Baldy as he began to brush himself off.

Frank, one of the men that had been running toward Naui, demanded that the policemen immediately arrest him for "attacking the preacher." But that was of no concern to the latter. Reverend Drake had been so preoccupied with his Christian talkshow that he had continued to head toward the crosswalk; he wasn't paying the slightest bit of attention to anything going on behind him, witnesses say. According to Sam, Officer Peck's partner ordered Frank "to return back to the group across the street." She told Frank the same thing, to go back: he allegedly told her to shut up. A photograph of Frank standing on Laguna Canyon Road shortly after Baldy was tackled to the ground was posted by on the "Save Our State" website by occutegirl. {6}

After the two Laguna Beach policemen interrogated Baldy for a couple of minutes, they both escorted him back to his vehicle across the street, did a brief but thorough search of it, and then released him from their custody. I went across the street to OCAngel's anti-day labor center rally while it was still in progress. and took several good photographs of Baldy as he talked with Barbara Coe and mingled with some of the other protesters in attendance.

When the opportunity arose, I then interviewed him, along with Suzie Harrison, a reporter for The Coast Daily Pilot (which is owned by The Los Angeles Times). Baldy identified himself to us as Robert Floyd of Pearlblossom. He told both of us that he ran across the street for "self-defense"; he believed Naui was going to "attack the preacher," so he just darted over. "To be honest, I didn't think about the cops," Baldy remarked to me. When I asked him about allegations that he had a knife in his possession, he said, "I did not."

But the Laguna Beach Police Department had a different story to tell. Officer Peck, who took down a police report at Naui's request in the lobby of their headquarters, confirmed that Baldy had a pocket knife on him when they tackled him to the ground; but he added that it was completely legal for him to carry one that size in the State of California. In addition to that, Officer Peck said that when both he and his partner initiated a search of Baldy's vehicle, they found another knife. Officer Peck said he seized all the knives that Baldy had, but returned them to him when he left the protest. "This guy was itching for a fight," he remarked. "I kept my eye on him."

Although Naui repeatedly pressed the Laguna Beach Police Department to file criminal charges against Baldy and the two other men running after him for allegedly attempting to assault him, Officer Peck said that there wasn't anything he could do. He said Baldy couldn't be arrested for carrying an ordinary pocket knife; and that he didn't see him make an attempt to pull it out of his back pocket shortly before he tackled him to the ground. In addition to this, he also said the two other men stopped running before they did anything else illegal.

Despite some clear differences of opinion between Naui and Officer Peck, the latter did agree on one point: he would be writing up a full and detailed report on everything that occurred that Saturday morning. And that's a good thing, because when LPBD Report #05-2891 is finally made available to the general public, the evidence will show that one S.O.S. member and two avowed white supremacists allegedly tried to assault a Mexican counterdemonstrator at the July 16th rally in Laguna Beach.

End of Part I

NOTES: {1}
OCAngel, Jul 16 2005 message posted at 08:49 PM:

OCAngel, July 15, 2005 message posted at 08:09 AM:

See photos posted by occutegirl and OCAngel:

occutegirl, Jul 16 2005 message posted at 04:04 PM

OCAngel, Jul 17 2005 message posted at 10:19 AM

{6} See the man in the street wearing a red shirt and light blue jeans.
occutegirl, Jul 16 2005 message posted at 04:04 PM:

Author: Duane J. Roberts
Posted: Sunday July 17, 2005 06:35 PM

Robert Floyd of Pearblossom, CA (posts on both the Stormfront and SOS forums under the name Baldy) is a National Vanguard member/white nationalist and regular attendee of SOS rallies (I guess that would make him a member of SOS too). His name was printed in Sunday’s (6/17/05) Los Angeles Times. The National Vanguard is also planning a BP3 (details below)

Robert Floyd of Pearblossom, CA (posts on both the Stormfront and SOS forums under the name Baldy) is a National Vanguard member/white nationalist and regular attendee of SOS rallies (I guess that would make him a member of SOS too). His name was printed in Sunday’s (6/17/05) Los Angeles Times.

The picture in the paper, similar to the one here had an accompanying caption which read: Protestor Robert Floyd of Pearblossom was briefly restrained by Laguna Beach police.


This picture shows him being detained by police.

dixieland_delight writes:

Hey Baldy, you're famous now! Konkwista88 and I just picked up a copy of today's LA Times, and your picture is in there, as is your name and the city you live in. The article in print is slighty different than the internet version, and they even has a picture of the Mestizo that was harassing the minster…


KuKluxKlan_SoCal replies:

Get use to the publicity -- and how they may display your picture, name and location. This is what happens when you become more active. But its great!! Your a rockstar now... Celebrity.. Can I have an autograph???


Dixieland Delight and Advocate are both members of Stormfront/National Vanguard and SOS

Dixieland Delight writes:

We got a lot done out there today, even though the art show is still going to give the money to the illegals. I made a lot of good contacts, since SOS now loves us. I'm trying to put together BP 3, so I collected a bunch of e-mail addresses, including the chairwoman of CCIR, a videographer, and a bunch of SOS members who are interested in coming to BP 3, hosted by us.

We can expect high participation from both SOS and CCIR at our Baldwin Park rally, perhaps the Minutemen as well, since I now have contact info for the LA Minutemen organizer and James Chase.


This proves that SOS, CCIR and the National Vanguard, the Minutemen are working together.


Advocate writes:

You people didn't even have a professionally produced banner until I came along with one.


This all once again proves that SOS has become an organizing tool for the National Vanguard. Some stormfront members have even written in the past that the first time they met in person was at the Victorville/SOS protest.


It is too late. SOS is an openly racist/fascist orgainzation with direct ties to the National Vanguard.

Author: Next Move
Posted: Sunday July 17, 2005 02:21 PM

SOS held their anti-immigrant rally today in Laguna Beach. Seems like 40 or so SOS showed with a sparse counter-demo of about 5-10 folks. Many Socal activists are in Campo right now opposing the Minutemen (Border Patrol Auxiliary?)

According to the accounts below the Stormfront racists were also there and stood shoulder to shoulder with SOS (just like BP).

Once again SOS stands side by side with white supremacists. According to the account below Advocate, Old Preach and other showed up and represented WN (White Nationalists).

Earlier this week Old Preach lit up the indymedia board with his over the top stereotyping of African-Americans.

Check this thread for details:


Account from “Baldy”


Loud in Laguna

Laguna Beach, California. Idle rich people, artsy fartsy talent shows, a temperate climate and great surf. Until…… White Racists show up! Approximately 40 pissed-off White people showing great displeasure at the Laguna Beach’s funding of a very nice shelter for illegal aliens.

Dixieland_Delight and her boyfriend, Advocate (who’s not her boyfriend), oldpreach and a few of Dixie’s boyfriend’s friends represented WN. We mingled a little, made some excellent connections, bonded even more and woke a few people up to the fact that there is a troubled world outside their secure little beach community.

There were 4 cops present. One was directing traffic into the Art Festival, two were watching me and one was in a SUV watching everyone else. A White jogger knocked one of the protesters sign down and was quickly arrested or at least roughed up by the two Baldy-watching cops. A bit of excitement in the first few minutes, for sure (see Jogger picture).

The browns had a rag-tag group across the broad boulevard who, as it turned out, rely on the protection of the police way more than we do. I’ll leave my dramatic story for others to tell because I’ve been known to inflate my ego beyond the known universe.

It was a good day. All the words in the world can not equal 3 hours of protest.


Account from Advocate


Great rally.

After wards some friends and I "marched" into Laguna Beach ("LB") proper to eat and continue demonstrating. I have an 8' by 3' banner, professionally produced with white letters on a navy blue background that says simply: "DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS" and underneath it has http://www.SaveOurState.org. After displaying it at the main rally, I rolled it up and we carried it with us to eat in LB. The restaurant was accross the street from the grassy park between us and the beach. There was already and anti-war demonstration there and we had a 20 minuite wait for a table. Waiting outside the resturant on the sidewalk of a busy thoroughfare, we just unrolled the banner and held it up for traffic until our table was ready. You take your opportunities as you find them.


After we ate, we went out and the anti-war group was replaced by an anti-drug war, legalize marijuana group. (!) It's as though they protest in shifts in tolerant, open minded LB.

Well we moved down away from the marijuana group after they asked us not to interfere with their gig. There was plenty of room for all and the lady apparently in charge was very courteous in asking if we would consider moving and we were happy to accomodate her. Frankly, I don't want to be associated with pot heads any more than she wants to be associated with "racists" and "Neo-Nazis" so I was happy to move away.

What an eye opener. The tolerant, open minded people of LB showed a whole new side. Many motorists were supportive with horns and thumbs up, but some others shouted obscenities and one tolerant, open minded "minority" pedestrian tried to start a fist fight with me. He was some kind of minority with a weird accent I didn't recognize, but not a Mexican. Afterward one of my friends say he was Arab or Middle Eastern.

He just appeared out of the throng and started screaming at me. I could tell by the way he faced me directly, exposing the full width of the front of his torso to me that he was just a fat ugly pig with a big mouth...not a real fighter. As he got louder and became more physically threatening (!) I measured the distance and the angle for a preemptive thrust into his larynx. People with crushed larynx's who are gasping for breath quickly loose interest in fighting anyone. Luckily, (for both of us) somebody he was with friend pulled him back. He pretended to struggle with his friend and told me how he would have kicked my ass if someone was not there to stop him. How lucky for me!

We marched the same way with the unfurled banner back to our parking area about a mile away. Walking through friendly LB, motorists called us "racists", "neo-nazis", etc.

One tolerant friendly motorists slowed down, leaned out of the drivers window, gave us the finger and started yelling with her car still moving. Screaming insults and giving us the finger, she did not see the light change and almost ploughed in to a crosswalk full of pedestrians.


Except for the fat pig who wanted to fight me and who appeared to be some kind of arab or middle easterner, all the others were white. I guess they don't like the idea of raking their own leaves and scrubbing their own toilets for a change after their pet Mexicans are deported.

Well the white Southron's fought a civil war to keep their slaves, why should we think the white liberals will fight any less stubbornly to keep their pet Mexicans.

Author: Next Move
Link: www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php?p=2024168#post2024168
Posted: Saturday July 16, 2005 09:58 AM


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