The "Save Our State" a.k.a. "Minutemen" a.k.a. Whatever they're calling themselves this time around continue to claim they're not racists, white supremists, all white Republican Christians, and any number of other notions. They repeatedly demand they actually have Mexicans among their numbers, in fact (prompting me to ask elsewhere at The Dark Wind whether they're some how magically invisible.)

From what I read from these people's own web sites, message postings, and of course their terrorism and other fascist actions against Americans with brown skin, and from what I read of those known white supremists groups and individuals who support, applaud, and defend the "Save Our State" a.k.a. "Minutemen" a.k.a. Whatever bigots tells me otherwise. Actions speak ouder than words.

Some of these clowns try to demand that they're actually against racism; that they're fighting racism. What they don't scream quite so loudly is that they're pretending they're fighting racism against whites like themselves. From their writings and actions I see what they believe they're fighting is racism against whites while they attempt to cloak their racism in the guise of fighting all racism.

I don't think the overwhelming evidence supports their claims that they're all not a bunch of racists. I also don't think that the available evidence remotely suggests that they're not just another arm of the traditional Klu Klux Klan, Aryan Nations, American Nazi Party, Storm Front et al. white supremist Christian groups out there who expressed their hatred and bigotry against Mexicans long before the "Save Our State" a.k.a. "Minutemen" a.k.a. Whatever spawned off from whatever scum pond they come from and joined them in their never ending song of hate.

I look at what these people stand for and what they oppose in fact rather than what they claim to stand for and oppose, and in my opinion they're all virtually indistinguishable along all relevant fronts.

While overt white supremists groups and individuals are out there advocating their white Christian hatred, we also get the groups and individuals who try to hide their true origins and ideologies knowing most Americans oppose white supremist and other hate oriented ideologies, all of which are unamerican. (And oppose them we do: the overwhelming number of Americans who turned out to oppose them in Baldwin Park, and the overwhelming numbers who opposed the homophobic hate monger Fred Phelps speaks about what Americans actually support; and racism and homophobic bigotry it isn't.)

What I see when I look at these "Save Our State" a.k.a. "Minutemen" a.k.a. Whatever racists is simply "more of the same," the same racial hatred and bigotry, the same white supremist ideology, the same Christian hypocricy that has been the bane of human civilization since civilization began. Some of them claim otherwise; my opinion based on the available evidence shows me they're all the same.

From the contorted faces of hatred I saw in Baldwin Park, California, I see a mirror image to the Klu Klux Klan rallies of America's ugly history.

My opinions. Yours may be different.


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