Thu 20 Nov 97 13:38
By: Dan Ceppa
To: Fredric Rice

Deja voodoo, yet again.

Did you see _Scientific American Frontiers_ on PBS Wed, 11/19/97? They did a show entitled, 'Beyond Science? Facts and Fiction'.

One of the segments was a palm reading. The person having her palm read was a non-believer in palmistry. After about 20 minutes into the reading, she was a believer in it.

She was then notified that the palm reader was himself not a believer. He was actually a psychologist who used her visual clues to give her the feed back that she wanted to hear.

Now, even though she didn't believe in palmistry a scant 20 minutes earlier, she refused to dis-believe the results of the reading. Yes, even though the palm reader told her he was a fake, she still clung to his "insight". She said she was still going to follow through with the results of the reading!

... You can fool lots of the people all the time. PT Barnum


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