Talk about insane religious kooks: Pat Robertson ranks right up there among the top ten of contemporary religious nuts -- which is (if you've ever bothered to thumb through his book titled "The New World Order") a fact he doesn't even attempt to hide or cover up in vague rhetoric.

Historically, Christianity has been the single most deadly religious ideology ever to be used against humanity. Christopher Columbus used the Christian religion to excuse his inhuman tyrannies, as did Adolf Hitler. (Pol Pot and Stalin used political, not religious excuses for their abuses.)

Historically, Christianity's worse enemies has been members of itself; "warring Christian factions" is the term historians and news agencies use to describe the phenomena. When every Christian is a "not TRUE Christian," the hatred of fellow Christians becomes worse than the hatred of non-Christians.

The history of Christianity isn't something which can be denied, disputed, or ignored. Thus the irony in this latest occult rant (which follows) wherein Marian "Pat" Robertson complains that "it will be us next."

His bizarre belief takes no consideration of the fact that his cult is the one demonizing, terrorizing, and killing innocent people, not some "Zionist Jewish Conspiracy" delusion he likes to play with.

Perhaps that's why these religious nuts rant on and on endlessly about things their own cult advocates -- they wish to draw attention away from the fact that if they had their own way, tyranny would become a Christian monopoly; with Pat Robertson in charge, of course.


Tue 11 Nov 97 18:50
Karl Schneider
One of the world's truly great assholes.

Just in case anyone had any doubt about how much of a truly dangerous insane bigot Pat ROBert$on is, here's a snip of the transcript from a recent '700 Club' program...October 27, 1997:

"You and I have never been called upon to have this kind of persecution. I have felt it especially intensely over the last few years, as people on the left of the political spectrum are hurling viscous attacks at me and at other believers because they do not want us to have any voice in our government, they don't want us to have any voice in the public affairs of our nation, they don't want us to have any role in defending ourselves or our families, or bringing about a peaceful society in America.

And some of them, like People For the American Way are richly funded by Hollywood -- men like Norman Lear and others, are paying vast sums of money to attack me. That's sort of the way it is. But ladies and gentlemen, this is America -- we haven't suffered and been hung up by our hands and had our kidneys punched and beaten. We haven't had our houses ransacked and our churches burned, but some people have already had their churches burned in America. This virulent anti-Christian bigotry has got to stop! You cannot vote for someone who's an anti-Christian bigot. You cannot allow somebody in public office to be an anti-Christian bigot.

These voices that are raised against Christianity, Christians have got to stand together and say no. But beyond that, we must join as a united front against this genocide that's taking place in the Middle East. To see Americans become followers of quote Islam, is nothing short of insanity. Terry, you know, I've been in Africa many, many, many, many times, and you see people over here learning Swahili, for example.

Swahili was the language of the slave traders. The Islamic people, the Arabs, were the ones who captured Africans, put them in slavery, and sent them to America as slaves. Why would people in America want to embrace the religion of the slavers, and the language of the slavers -- that's what Swahili is; it's not a native African dialect. You say 'what's going on in America, when we welcome into our society and give rights to people who are persecuting Christians around the world.' It's time we stood up against this and said 'no more!'

We must demand the State Department do something in relation to the Sudan, in relation to the Palestinian Authority, in relation to Iran, in relation to Saudi Arabia and these other countries that are persecuting Christians. We can't let it happen. And if we don't let our voices be heard, it's going to happen. Now, I think we ought to pray, we should really pray. And then we should do something as well as pray, and let our voices be heard. Speak out wherever we are -- we can't be silent, look what happened in the Holocaust. A whole race was close to extinction because we were silent. We can't be silent any longer. If it's them now, it'll be us next."


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