Picket Report - Brighton (UK)
12 May 2001
John Ritson <john@jritson.demon.co.uk>

The sunniest, hottest day of the year so far, so an ideal day to go down to the seaside. After the usual anarchic start, due to rail delays, over a dozen UK suppressives managed to congregate outside the Brighton 'org' and were reinforced by the one and only Gerry Armstrong.. The scientologists were conspicuous by their 'non-confront'. One Sea-Orger appeared, took a few pictures and disappeared again. One character with a big bag entered and exited about two hours later, and a couple with three toddlers exited.

The 'org' is on the third floor. Outside the ground floor there was the regular Peruvian pan-pipe band (If you have never heard 'twinkle, twinkle, little star' played on pan-pipes then rush down to Brighton).

We waited until they paused for breath before using our boom-box and the usual chant about Scientology being a barmy UFO cult. We handed out lots of leaflets. May is the time for the annual Brighton Festival, so the proceedings were enlivened by stilt-walkers, road-punters and people pretending to be genetically modified pigs and chickens. We entered into the spirit of things by handing out helium balloons marked 'Xemu Loves You' . Somebody tied two of them to the Scientologists' 'Now Hiring' sign.

And they were still there when we left, which shows how effective the Golden Age of scientology's new 'Hiding Tech' has proved, After a few hours in the blazing sun, we returned to London, passed the London 'Org' (dead as a dodo) and had a few beers before an excellent Chinese meal.


John Ritson *** "After leaving the sea,the GE spent a half a million years on the beach. In this state it needed food from the sea, but also air to breathe. It would open up to get food and get a wave in the shell. But as it had to breathe it had to pump sea water out, hence the name 'the weeper.'" L Ron Hubbard 'History of Man' ***


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