ARSCC Toronto rides again!
27 Jul 2001
Zeratul <zeratul.cat@home.com>

In the tradition of continuing to inform the residents of Toronto about the criminally convicted cult of scientology Keith, Kaeli, and Zeratul picketed the Toronto org from 3 to 4 pm today.

It was an uneventful picket.

Keith stayed over a hundred feet away on the other side of Young St. handing out about a lots of flyers and talking to a number of citizens who had a uniformly bad opinion of Hubbards cult. Zeratul with a picket sign and Kaeli handing out flyers got up close. The blackout curtains noticed last Saturday were gone today. When the team arrived there was only one person visible. More appeared until at the end there were four in evidence. Late in the picket a cult videographer trained a video camera on the sight of people talking to Keith and taking flyers. Was that patched real time back to a certain teeth nashing dwarf?

Will this intrepid team return tomorrow? Will another team take their place?

Stay tuned.

Your reporter in the street.


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