1st Annual Internationally Acclaimed Mennonite Family Picket Vancouver 2-25-2002
26 Feb 2002
Caroline Letkeman <carolinel@telus.net>

Highest Evers achieved across the boards yesterday at the First Annual International Mennonite Family $cientology Picket! Lots of images on a.b.s.

Celebrity Picketers this time are John and Margaret Letkeman, British Columbia pioneers who have suffered at the hands of Scientology since 1975 when their second daughter--me--entered the cult. They enthusiastically joined Gerry and me yesterday to add their loving voice to the protest against human rights violations that Scientology continues to perpetrate against our family, and against families everywhere.

We rocketed our way down to Hastings Street and made it to the org exactly on time. It was a beautiful clear day, a little chilly with an east wind. My parents are from Buick, where I grew up, about 50 miles north of Fort St. John, so chilly in Vancouver is like a chinook to them.

It was just an outstanding picket from beginning to end. Lots of interest from passersby, honking and all 'round approval and encouragement from wogs ® of every description. My Dad and Mom were struck by how many people had heard about scientology and already know it's a cult, a fraud and a scam.

A bus driver signalled for a flier, and we gave him one. We used two fliers, which I'll paste below. We gave away around 90 during a good hour of picketing. I think one of us may have papered a few cars, but I have no concrete evidence and *he* won't be sec checked.

After the picket, I asked my parents if they wanted to say anything to a.r.s. readers. Dad said, "If you're a Mom or a Dad, or if you've ever had a Mom or a Dad, get out there and picket and show your stuff." My Mom said, "Let our grandaughter go. And send some money along with her."

Interesting...no one for the entire picket (about an hour) came up and identified themselves as a Scientologist. It became obvious that again we were causing a complete cessation of movement in or out of the org's front doors. We knew from previous pickets that the org prevents its staff or public from interacting with us in every way possible, and that they had taken to re-routing exiting and entering organs through the rear.

But because we knew we were upsetting the most innocent of Scientologists' lunch plans, and of course it was not our intention to starve or dehydrate anyone, we decided to ourselves have lunch, and let the Scientologists go. Promising them, of course, that we come back.


Gerry engages a number of foreign students and their teacher out for a language field trip around the area. The teacher knew quite a bit about Scientology, and wanted Gerry to talk about it simply and clearly so that the students could follow the conversation and join in. They all were extremely intent on being well educated about the cult and its abuses.

Dad, Mom and me

Dad, Mom and me

Dad talked to a gentleman who related his experience in Spain. At the org there, two Scientologists tried to recruit him, not realizing he spoke English. Toward the end of their recruit cycle, one scientologist said to the other, "No more suckers here today," in English. Busted.

Dad gives a thumbs up to someone honking his horn.

What a handsome WOG®.

My dad has got to have the biggest mitts recorded in Canadian history. After our picket we went to Science World and recorded the strength of his grip at 76. (The Incredible Hulk is not over 74. And mine was 36, right Gerry?)

You should have heard my dad on the Sunday Service advertisement-- I think he was even more unhappy than Rabbi Mentz was the other night on KFI 640 AM when Scientologist John tried to give him religion lessons.

Can anyone make out the graffiti on the window? Windex Man from earlier pickets would have come right out and taken care of that mess--is he okay?

Gerry admires Mom in her Xenu Air hat®. Check out the color coordinates.

Gerry's hat is famous around Chilliwack. You can see it in this photo. Because John and Margaret insisted on wearing the standard Xenu Air hat® and the WOG hat ®, Gerry donned this pan-union hat, which he says is an authentic Jamaican Pakool.

Tonight, we were talking with someone at our local caffeine emporium who got a huge grin on his face and said he had just happened to be in Vancouver yesterday, saw us picketing and honked at us. We made sure he had the correct time and location for his honk, and he said, "Oh, yeah, I recognized your hat." And then as he drove by he looked for me and saw me picketing too and honked. But it was the pakool.

Mom and Dad.

Mom fields questions from some very smart young women.

Mom and me

2002-2-25-osababe.jpg and 2002-2-25-osababe1.jpg

Here's an OSA babe, for addition to the OSA babe site. http://galacticfederation.homeip.net/osababes/main.html Gerry says he has seen her before at the org.

At the end of our picket we were curious about the lack of flashing cameras and the lack of traffic in and out of the cult's building, for the entire time. We had already waved goodbye to the people inside and were walking toward the coffee shop when there was some commotion ahead and I noticed the OSA babe in her black leathers. She had already whipped out her camera and was snapping off pictures of the celebrities when I realized I still had my own camera and my job was not done. By the time I had taken these images, OSA babe had just taken her last one of me, and was giving herself a "That's IT!" on her little op.

(note: excellent Mennonite resource here: http://www.mennolink.org/ With an actual history of their own, Mennonites are known for their pacifism and for being conscientious objectors.

They speak low german. In fact, when my Mom asked what MEST means, she also mentioned that Mest Hüpe® (the u is umlauted) means "manure pile." Gerry checked it out with a Plautdietsch dictionary and sure enough, Scientology is a big Mest Hüpe.® http://www.mennolink.org/doc/lg/

To the Dutch contingent: does it translate as "Mest hoop?"

Flier 1

--start paste---

Why Wogs ® Picket $cientology

The Scientology cult, following the dictates of its founder L. Ron Hubbard, divides the earth's population into two groups: "Scientologists" and "Wogs"®. The term "wog," is originally a racist epithet referring to dark skinned people, but is used in Scientology to vilify all non-Scientologists regardless of their skin color.

A Scientologist is anyone who does what he or she is told by the Scientology cult leaders, and a wog is someone not under the cult's control. Scientology, the corporate entity directed by supreme cult dictator David Miscavige, says that it owns the word "Scientologist" and can legally decide who is one. Organization-controlled Scientologists, first under Hubbard and now under Miscavige, have for decades waged a dirty and covert War on Wogs (WoW!)®. We wogs ® picket Scientology to protest this cult's unjustified and destructive war on us, and to inform wogs about this menace.

Scientology teaches and all Scientologists believe that they are more aware, more intelligent, more able and more ethical than wogs, and that as Scientologists they possess the only mental technology, system and organization which can make people more aware, intelligent, able and ethical, and save planet earth. The Scientology organization sells its psychotherapy, which it calls "auditing," with the promise that it can make people "clear," a superhuman state of awareness, intelligence, ability and ethics far beyond what anyone before Hubbard had ever achieved, or been blessed with, throughout the history of man. Hubbard claimed that auditing could raise IQ a point per hour, and the organization sells auditing for hundreds of dollars an hour up to over a thousand dollars an hour. In truth, Scientology's "technology" does not increase ability, awareness or IQ at all; it just brings people to dedicating their lives to warring on us wogs.

In his writings, Hubbard called this new, perfectly rational, perfectly healthy, Scientologist hominid "clear" he was "creating," "homo novis," and he disparaged inferior, unaware, stupid, unable, unethical wogs as "homo sap." Hubbard, Scientology and Scientologists say that far beyond "clear" in awareness, intelligence, ability and ethics, are superclear states or levels, called "operating thetan," or "OT." I was "clear" and "OT" in Scientology, and had over a thousand hours of auditing. Now I am a born again wog.

Hubbard, Scientology and Scientologists divide us wogs into three types: the "normal," which is to say, that which can be controlled, the "potential trouble source" or "PTS," and the "suppressive person," or SP. Scientology teaches that SPs comprise 2 ½ percent of the population, and are, among the wogs, the most evil people on earth, and responsible for all the world's ills. Scientology teaches that PTSes, whom the cult identifies as people "connected to an SP," comprise 17 ½ percent of the planetary population.

Scientologists can also be labeled "PTS" if they are connected to a wog SP, and the Scientologists then become subject to special "PTS handlings." Scientology claims to have the "technology" for identifying SPs, and the identification and "handling" of SPs is a major part of Scientology activities and life. Anyone opposing Scientology, which opposition could be as minimal as criticizing, for example, the unworkability of the "mental technology," or even objecting to being warred on, is labeled an SP and targeted for harassment and destruction according to what the cult calls its "fair game" doctrine.

Hubbard stated in one policy:

"ENEMY - SP Order. Fair Game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline to the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued, or lied to or destroyed."

Hubbard instructs that all "critics" of Scientology are "criminals," and that Scientologists are to find their crimes, if necessary "manufacture" evidence, and "feed lurid blood, sex, crime" to the media about them. The fair game doctrine calls for aggressive, tortious and criminal actions against SPs, that is, those wogs the organization identifies as opposing Scientology. The SPs, Scientology teaches, oppose Scientology because the organization has the only "mental technology" to make people better, and SPs don't want people to get better. Scientology has wrongly labeled me an SP since I left the organization in December, 1981, and has targeted me as an "enemy" ever since. Leaving Scientology or even planning to leave is itself considered a "suppressive" act by Scientologists.

Scientology wages its war on wogs on many fronts, and dramatically against the wog mental health field, its therapies, institutions and practitioners. Scientologists vilify and attack wog mental health practitioners, foment litigation against them and seek their destruction. Scientology cult leader Miscavige publicly threatened and promised the end of psychiatry and its replacement with Scientology by the year 2000. Scientology operates a front group, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, which covertly works for the obliteration of wog psychiatry.

Scientology teaches that it has the only workable "study technology" on the planet, and aggressively seeks to inject its "technology" and influence into the "wog education system." The cult uses a number of front groups, e.g., Applied Scholastics, and runs its own schools. In truth, Scientology's efforts to infiltrate the wog education system are part of its War on Wogs.

Scientology uses the term "wog justice" when referring to western justice systems, and views them as a system of laws, ethics and justice far inferior to Scientology's justice "technology." At the same time, Scientology is known around the world as a notorious abuser of wog courts and justice systems. Hubbard ordered decades ago that the law be used to harass, and, if possible, ruin Scientology's opponents utterly, and Scientology has followed that dictate ever since. It has paid untold millions of dollars to wog lawyers to use the wog justice system to fair game and destroy good wogs.

Hubbard directed Scientologists to "treat every skirmish as war" and Scientology has forever been in a state of war. At this time, however, in large part because of the internet, wogs in great number are waking up to the war being waged on them by Scientology, and are waking up to just what this organization's actual nature, intentions, actions and products are. Scientology is known across the world as a criminal cult, and virtually any Internet search engine produces "Scientology" as the number one item if a search is made for "criminal cult" or "crime cult."

We wogs ® demand that Scientologists accept wogs as their equals in every way, and stop their war. Wogs ® are in every way God's children, and in no way deserve to be dehumanized as $cientology says to dehumanize us, to be hated as Hubbard says to hate us, and to be warred upon as Miscavige says to war upon us.

Gerry Armstrong 604-795-5852

http://armstrong.xenu.ca/index.htm , http://holysmoke.org/ga/ga.htm ,



Flier #2

--start paste---

Why I Picket $cientology

I got into the cult on January 1, 1975 at the Vancouver organization. My daughter, Ann, was born in 1977. Though I left the cult quietly in 1999, she is still in the cult and has now been ordered by the cult to "disconnect" from me.

In April 2001, $cientology forced my daughter, Ann, to break ties with me after an essay I had entered into the Lisa McPherson Trust Literati contest won a prize and was published on the Internet. The essay was entered under the pseudonym "Anti-virus" as I wished to remain anonymous and avoid repercussions from $cientology for its critical content on $cientology.

The essay is here:


$cientology is very well known for aggressive, even criminal actions against critics of organization practices.

$cientology operatives spent approximately six weeks to identify the writer of that essay, and eventually correctly that I was the person behind the pseudonym "Anti-virus." They were so sure of my identity that they never contacted me personally to verify that I wrote the essay. Instead, they ordered my daughter into their organization and used their "scriptures" and mind control tactics to convince her that her mother was totally insane. They had her call me from the organization, from one of the bureaus responsible for enforcement and punishment, to disconnect from me, that is, to cease communicating in any way and to write off any mother-daughter relationship for the rest of her life.

Since leaving $cientology, I have experienced a gradual, and sometimes shocking, waking up to the deep and pervasive fraud, and psychological and physical abuse in the cult, and its inbred antisocial, even criminal, nature. My daughter was born and raised in $cientology, but my family situation is far from unique. Families very often get broken up and estranged when $cientology is involved, because this organization permits no critical thinking about its many bad and dangerous practices, and because its only response to criticism is to attack the critics.

Today, February 25, 2002 is a very special day for our family. For the first time, we have the opportunity to stand together and protest three generations of suffering at the hands of Scientology. Thank you for your support.

Decoding Scientology Propaganda: http://www.entheta.ca/caroline/




Caroline Letkeman
104-9275 Mary Street
Chilliwack, BC
V2P 4H5 Canada


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