They finance mock "research" which is specifically designed to "prove" that non-whites are inferior to whites, mostly along I. Q.

* BELL.ART Fredric L. Rice takes a look at 'In Defense of the Bell Curve,' written by Vincent M. Sarich.
* BELL01.ZIP Had you said that 'The Bell Curve' etc.. were examples that racism and bigotry still existed in society, I would have agreed wholeheartedly...
* BELL02.ZIP Was it not Charles Murray who wrote the book 'Losing Ground' as well?
* BELL03.ZIP Two Views of The Bell Curve
* BELL04.ZIP Dear Gene and others commenting on THE BELL CURVE.
* BELL05.ZIP Is the Bell Curve Statistically Sound? (James Case, 01/95)
* BELL06.ZIP Bell Curve Teach-in Update 3-26-95
* BELL07.ZIP So what if Murray and the Bell Curve hypothesis is correct?
* BELL08.ZIP To me, the startling truth revealed in 'The Bell Curve' is that intelligence test scores are not a bell curve!
* BELL10.ZIP Race, Intelligence and Ideology
* BELL11.ZIP Myth of the Bell Curve
* BELL12.ZIP Grading on Bell Curve
* MAP.ZIP Copyright 1994/The Times Mirror Company. Los Angeles Times. November 6, 1994, Sunday, Home Edition. Both Sides Air Ads on Prop. 187. AD WATCH. Campaign '94. One in an occasional seri
* PFINDEX.ZIP This is an index into the Pioneer Fund files which are currently available on The Skeptic Tank (818) 335-9601 for download.
* PION01.ZIP The Pioneer Fund and Proposition 187, partners in repressive legislation.
* PION02.ZIP Fund Backs Controversial Study of 'Racial Betterment'
* PION03.ZIP ABC News Transcript: The Pioneer Fund and the Bell Curve (fwd)
* PION04.ZIP Policy-Making Influence of the Pioneer Foundation
* PION05.ZIP November 3, 1994, LA TImes Thursday, Home Edition
* PION06.ZIP The North American Right Wing and The Pioneer Fund - WACL nexus of characters (fwd)
* PION08.ZIP Policy-Making Influence of the Pioneer Foundation
* PION09.ZIP Harry F. Weyher, President of the Pioneer Fund, states outright that his organization isn't racist, that it doesn't finance racist political agendas, and that it supports scientific
* PION10.ZIP Daniel R. Vining, Jr., Associate Professor, Population Studies Center, further defends his receipt of funds from the Pioneer Fund (which he states has been some $200,000 over 15 year
* PION11.ZIP Judith Rodin states that her University will continue to support Daniel R. Vining's right to solicit and use research funding from whatever source they wish.
* PION12.ZIP Book Review by Richard M. Ebeling. The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism, and German National Socialism by Stefan Kuhl (New York: Oxford University Press, 1994) 166 pages;
* PION13.ZIP The New York Times Book Review (10/16/94) ran a lengthy piece that had a simple message: It's all right to believe that some races are genetically inferior to others.


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