The latest news during October 1996 is that the the United States terrorist organization known as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been heavilly involved in trafficing in crack cocain since the 1960's deliberately to suppress the domestic black populace and to keep them down. The stories have taken on all the attributes of an urban legend except that it should more properly be considered a national hoax. The difficulty of just passing off the stories as nonsense stems from the history of the CIA's involvement in selling drugs for firearms and firearms for drugs to support "freedom fighters" in other countries. (Cnl. Oliver North's admissions of guilt were validated.) The history of the CIA lends credability to this latest series of allegations and it's certain to be a long-lasting topic among conspiracy buffs and human rights organizations. The Chairman of The Skeptic Tank routinely archives urban legend stories such as these and makes them available to the general public as a matter of the Tank's charter -- we don't often hold the opinion expressed within these archives. - flr

* AG62688A.ZIP This begins a three-day series of articles in the ARKANSAS GAZETTE about the allegations of drug trafficking in Mena.
* AG62688B.ZIP In the second story on June 26th... allegations by Eugene Wheaton from a sworn deposition charged that Barry Seal's gun and drug smuggling ran with impunity because of the consent of
* AG62788A.ZIP Eight years ago, news reports out of Arkansas explored the allegations of drug smuggling, gun-running and money-laundering activities around the Mena Intermountain Regional Airport.
* AG62788B.ZIP Mena, Arkansas holds many mysteries. This article is one of a series in the ARKANSAS GAZETTE that explores the Mena saga.
* AG62888.ZIP This is where we know most about CIA operations connected with cocaine trafficking. In this report, we discover how the Mena airport has facilities to service airplanes from around
* AP072396.ZIP DEA knew about CIA murders in Guatemala - Associated Press - 07-23-96 - By PAULINE ARRILLAGA - Associated Press Writer - HARLINGEN, Texas (AP) The Drug Enforcement Administration kn
* AP091796.ZIP Rep. Wants CIA Drug Probe - Associated Press - September 17, 1996. WASHINGTON (AP) -- Rep. Maxine Waters, who has demanded inquiries into drug-running allegations involving the CIA..
* CIADEA.ZIP Dea Agents Accuse Cia of Tapping Phones - 09/12/96; 18:38 - SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The CIA and other spy agencies have systematically tapped the phones of overseas Drug Enforcement Ad
* CSM92096.ZIP The following article was printed in the Friday, September 20, 1996 issue of *The Christian Science Monitor* on page 3: - CIA UNDER PRESSURE TO DIVULGE INFO ON CONTRAS - By Warren R
* LDBROWN3.ZIP Excerpt from: PARTNERS IN POWER by Roger Morris pg. 404-411. Early in 1984, a twenty-nine-year-old Arkansas trooper named Larry Douglass Brown was eagerly applying for work with the
* SJMCIA10.ZIP Testimony links U.S. to drugs-guns trade Dealers got their 'own little arsenal' Published: Aug. 18, 1996 BY GARY WEBB Mercury News Staff Writer
* SJMCIA11.ZIP FBI Memo connecting cocaine trafficking to Contras and CIA
* SJMCIA15.ZIP Drug agent thought she was onto something big Meneses' trail was getting warm when her superiors took her off the case - Published: Aug. 19, 1996 BY GARY WEBB
* SJMCIA16.ZIP War on drugs has unequal impact on black Americans - Contra case illustrates the discrepancy: Nicaraguan goes free; L.A. dealer faces life
* SJMCIA17.ZIP FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION - Date of transcription 2/27/87
* SJMCIA18.ZIP San Francisco Bay Area man tangled in drug web Tales to DEA of gun running, drug trafficking fall on deaf ears Published: Aug. 20, 1996 BY GARY WEBB
* SJMCIA20.ZIP Drug expert: 'Crack' born in San Francisco Bay Area in '74 - It was a failed attempt to copy something else. Published: Aug. 19, 1996. BY GARY WEBB.
* SJMCIA21.ZIP Oliver North labels CIA-drug allegations 'garbage' - Published: Sept. 22, 1996 - Associated Press
* SJMCIA22.ZIP Document sheds light on Contra-cocaine link - Published: Oct. 3, 1996 - BY GARY WEBB AND PAMELA KRAMER Mercury News Staff Writer
* SJMCIA23.ZIP Affidavit: Cops knew of drug ring - Document sheds light on Contra-cocaine link - Published: Oct. 3, 1996 - BY GARY WEBB AND PAMELA KRAMER Mercury News Staff Writer
* SJMCIA24.ZIP Gag order concealed possible CIA drug ties - But records were copied secretly - Published: Sept. 29, 1996 - BY GARY WEBB AND PAMELA KRAMER Mercury News Staff Writer
* SJMCIACO America's 'crack' plague has roots in Nicaragua war - Colombia-San Francisco Bay Area drug pipeline helped finance CIA-backed Contras - Published: Aug. 18, 1996 - BY GARY WEBB Mercury
* SJMIRCON.ZIP Robert Owen's deposition from Iran-Contra Committee
* WSJ42287.ZIP Here is the JOURNAL's first report on the CIA-connected cocaine trafficking through Mena, Arkansas.
* NORTH6IC.ZIP (From 'Final Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/Contra Matters,' Volume I: Investigations and Prosecutions, Lawrence E. Walsh, Independent Counsel, pg. 299)
* SJMCIA26.ZIP 'Dark Alliance' series takes on a life of its own, Analyzing criticism of drug series, Published: Oct. 13, 1996, BY PETE CAREY, Mercury News Staff Writer
* SJMREBUT.ZIP A letter the Post refused to print. November 3, 1996 11:24 AM, By: Gareth Gordon
* UPI11106.ZIP DALLAS, Nov. 10, 1996 (UPI) -- The CIA denies slain alleged cocaine smuggler Barry Seal worked for the agency
* BLUMCIA.ZIP On August 18, the San Jose Mercury initiated an extended series of articles about the CIA connection to the crack epidemic in Los Angeles.


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