Within these files you will find information which debunks the religious beliefs of Christians about Wicca and Pagani.

* AUDIO.ZIP fundamentalist christian audio tapes by CWR
* BURNTIME.CWR Thomas, here's the names of many individuals working against Paganism.
* CLIPLIST.ZIP CWR news clipping list
* CULTHUNT.ZIP Some details on some cult-hunting groups
* CULTWTCH.ZIP _CultWatch Response_, volume 1, #1
* CWR1-01.ZIP CultWatch Response Vol. I, Issue 1 Samhain, 1988 WHY CULTWATCH RESPONSE?
* CWR1-02.ZIP Pseudo-Satanism in School Systems Today
* CWR1-03.ZIP CultWatch Response Candlemas/Uimelc 1989 Volume 1, Issue 3
* CWR1-04.ZIP CultWatch Response Beltein 1988 Volume I, No. 4
* CWR1-05.ZIP CultWatch Response Volume I, Issue 5
* CWR1-06.ZIP CultWatch Response Volume I, Issue 6
* CWR2-01.ZIP CultWatch Response Volume 2, Number 1
* CWR2-02.ZIP CultWatch Response Vol 2, Num 2. EXCELLENT
* FILES.BBS This List
* FUNDBOOK.ZIP fundamentalist christian audio books by CWR
* FUNDLIST.ZIP fundamentalist christian orginization by CWR
* PREACH.CW Well, if you liked that, here's a couple more that are fun to do and that virtually GUARANTEE that they WON'T bother you again:
* ROWANLST.ZIP fundamentalist christian broadcast media by CWR
* VIDEOLST.ZIP fundamentalist christian vidio taps. CWR
* WITCHBAS.HER CCIN's mailing list
* XIANPUBL.ZIP Christian anti-Pagan publications from CWR
* YOURTYPE.ZIP CultWatch Response Beltein 1988 Volume I, No. 4


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