Currently all believers in a flat Earth in westernized civilizations are Creationist Christians who believe the Christian mythologies over what their own senses and reason tells them.

* FLAT.ZIP International Flat Earth Research Society
* FLAT.MT they also believed the world was flat
* FLATEARF.ZIP Author: Michael Rogero Brown (michaelb@cse.fau.edu) Title: Flat Earth Society Flyer
* FLATEART.ZIP Author: Robert Day Title: The Flat Earth Society
* FLATERTH.ZIP Some info on the Flat Earth Society
* FLATFLYR.ZIP Flyer from the Flat Earth Society
* FLATERTH.LTR Letter to the Flat Earth Society. Is this group real? By Dr. Menton
* FLATERTH.ZIP 'Restoring Sanity to the World'
* CIRCERTH.ZIP Asimov points out that the Bible, read literally, says the Earth is flat
* HOLLOW.EAR Hollow Earth Bibliography (plus Flat Earth too!)


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