Adolf Hitler: Many people pretend he wasn't a Christian. In fact Hitler was a devout Christian right up until the day he killed himself.

* HITLER.XIN Adolph Hitler, in a speech delivered April 12, 1922
* HITLER01.XIN Churches and Hitler. Hitler enjoyed the official sanction of most of contemporary Europe at the time.
* HITLER02.GOD What was the state religion of Nazi Germany?
* HITLER04.XIN Catholics call Nazi party a 'spiritual breakthrough'
* HITLER.SD Hitler and Social Darwinism
* HITLER.ZIP Christian Or Pagan Naziism?
* HITLER0.ZIP No, Hitler was a devout Christian, believing heart and soul in his Lord Jesus Christ, and received full backing from the Roman Catholic Church when he started his Labor Party.
* HITLER1.ZIP To demand that Hitler wasn't a Christian is to demand that all the Christians who came before him weren't Christians either.
* HITLER2.ZIP For century after century after century, the Christian church had designated the people to be despised: the religious believers called Jews the 'Christ killers,' the 'enemies of God.
* HITLER3.ZIP Hitler a devout atheist? It's generous of you to offer your assurance, but please also include evidence. Meanwhile, consider just a sampling of the abundant evidence mitigating again
* HITLER4.ZIP Hitler enjoyed the official sanction of the majority of the Christanic death cult at the time.
* HITLER5.ZIP Adolf Hitler was emphatically not an atheist. As he said himself:
* HITLER6.ZIP Hitler advocates Christian theocracy in education
* HITLER7.ZIP Most Catholic conservatives, and many other conservatives as well, saw fascism as a bulwark against godless atheistic communism, not only for its atheism, but because its promise was
* HITLER8.ZIP 'I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so' - Adolf Hitler
* HITLER9.ZIP HITLER was a Christian. Get over it.
* HITLER.UFO Hitler was abducted by aliens in a flying saucer -- that's why he was so angry


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