Josh McDowell Gets Debunked. McDowell holds no discernable credentials in any of the areas that he professes expertiece within. He remains, however, one of the most widely-believed liars for the Christian pantheon in contemporary times. These archives debunk his religious beliefs utterly.

* ETDAV.ZIP (Under Construction) The Jury Is In: The Ruling on Josh McDowell's 'Evidence'
* VERDICT.ZIP A Verdict That Defies the 'Evidence' By Bernard Katz
* JESUS.ZIP The Jesus of History: A Reply to Josh McDowell By Gordon Stein, Ph.D.
* TOPTEN.ZIP Top Ten List Of More Accurate Names For Josh McDowell's 'Evidence That Demands A Verdict'
* MCPROOFS.ZIP Skepticism and McDowell's 'Proof' By Jerry Wayne Borchardt
* STUPID.ZIP How to Make Atheists Look Stupid
* CHARADE.ZIP Josh McDowell's Charade by Gordon Stein, Ph.D Copyright by Gordon Stein
* CONSIDER.ZIP Critique of 'Reasons Skeptics Should Consider Christianity'
* ANSWERS.ZIP Answers to Tough Questions Skeptics Ask About The Christian Faith By Josh McDowell and Don Stewart
* WIB.ZIP D. JAMES KENNEDY'S 'WHY I BELIEVE' statement of religious belief gets soundly and totally debunked.
* MY-SUM.ZIP No description yet


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