What condition is your body really in? A body composition analysis will tell you what the bathroom scale won't - fat vs. lean body mass.

The term percent body fat refers to the amount of fat in the body, expressed as a percentage of the total body weight.- How much of the total body weight is fat is an important factor in determining one's ideal body weight, more so than standards given on traditional height/weight charts which do not take into account body composition.- Recommended ranges for percent body fat are:

age %fat %fat
15-30 20-26% 12-18%
31-40 21-27% 13-19%
41-50 22-28% 14-20%
51-60 22-30% 16-20%
61 + up 22-31% 17-21%

The recommended weight range is the weight that would put you within the appropriate percent body fat range.- It is possible to increase the recommended weight range by increasing lean body mass and decreasing body fat.- Lean body mass is best increased by strength training exercises while fat is best reduced by a combination of diet and aerobic-type activities.

When taking the body composition analysis the following conditions should be met to insure accurate results:

* No excessive alcohol intake 24 hours prior to testing.
* No excessive exercise 12 hours prior to testing.
* No large meals 4 to 5 hours prior to testing.
* Diuretic or water retaining drugs can affect the results.

Please be aware in order to take the body composition analysis you must remove your sock/hose and shoe from your right foot so an electrode can be placed on your bare skin. The test takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes.


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