From the "It must be something in the water" department: The following are pieces of an alleged BATF report on self- professed "militias" around the United States with special focus upon argueably the most paranoid lunatic amusing enough to make the National Enquirer. (Download THOMP2.TXT, "America's Queen of Hate: Linda Thompson" from The Skeptic Tank for the full story. For a copy of the ordered attack against Washington discussed in the text, download ORDER.TXT from The Skeptic Tank.) I say "pieces of" because this version of the alleged report comes through Linda Thompson's fingers complete with paranoid lunatic comments and accusations. The text alleged to have come from the BATF at times is badly worded enough to indicate that text has been deleted and/or inserted as needed to fit the paranoid delusions Thompson entertains. 1) Note how everyone's a "Fed plant" and that all these lunatic self-described "militias" are infiltraited by "Fed plants" except for hers. Everyone not in her little group is working for the CIA. 2) Note how the ADL is the hidden enemy behind every group, individual, or organization which exposes these lunatics, including NBC. 3) Note the paranoid tirade at the end which talks about her telephones being bugged and how "feds" have taken over the pizza shop near her office to keep an eye on her. 4) Note that she fails to admit that "Waco: The Big Lie" has been demonstrated to be a fabrication and that Soldier of Fortune Magazine disclosed what was done to fabricate the hoax. Also note that she continues to sell the known hoax without remourse. 5) Note how she rewords the Constitution to include females in the state militia with a glib comment to ignore the gender specific text. 6) Note also how her call to attack Washington wasn't called off because these lunatic nuts would have been exterminated but because the CIA was going to blow up Washington and blame it on her. -= Text begins =- BATF Militia Report - 10/29/94 B.A.T.F. INTELLIGENCE REPORT: An Overview of the Militia Movement Operating Throughout the United States October 29, 1994 With commentary/rebuttal by Linda Thompson -= Text block authorship unknown =- The following was originally posted in 10 parts in alt.conspiracy. It is the full text of the recent BATF report on militias, which is commented on throughout by Linda Thompson, who is a vocal (and controversial) supporter of the militia movement. Her introduction precedes the report. Obviously, her views are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of the maintainers of this page, nor those of the organizations described within this report. Any errors in transcription are hers. The maintainers of this page decided to omit the email address of the individual who posted this material on Thompson's behalf to forstall possible harrassment or intimidation due to the climate following the recent bombing in Oklahoma City. -= Text block authorship Thompson =- Area: AEN NEWS Msg#: 11750 Local From: Linda Thompson To: All Subj: ATF ASSESSMENT OF MILITIAS We have just received a copy of a 10 page "Briefing Paper, Intelligence Division" report from a policeman in Louisiana who said it came from ATF, that is apparently ATF's assessment of militias. They don't even have information on 1/10th of the militias, and what they do have, they have wrong. If this is an indication of the ATF's intelligence at work, we have absolutely nothing to worry about. They are doing a very good job of screwing it all up all by themselves. The best part is that based upon the information they *do* seem to have, it is *very* clear that they do *not* have any infiltrators inside our organization. The majority of the information comes straight from the ADL report we got a copy of, too. I'll post that after I post this. It gives you an indication of how the ATF doesn't verify anything it gets, but just puts out garbage from the ADL without checking it for accuracy. The following is the ATF report: ============================================================= NOTICE: THIS IS *****NOT****** something put out by me or by the American Justice Federation, it is FROM THE ALCOHOL, TOBACCO AND FIREARMS agency. It is FULL OF INACCURACIES. Virtually NOTHING in it is correct, so do NOT proceed on the basis of any information contained herein. At least three sources listed as "militia leaders" are in fact, ADL plants, not militia leaders, who are supposed to incite riots and give the militias a bad name. All of this is propaganda intended to get the police stirred up against militias. It is provided for your reference. My comments are provided in brackets. Linda Thompson, AEN News, American Justice Federation, 3850 S. Emerson Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46203 (317) 780-5203 [NEWSFLASH *************************************************** I JUST VERIFIED THE AUTHENTICITY OF THIS DOCUMENT DIRECTLY WITH ATF. IT WAS WRITTEN BY BILL DUNHAM OF THE TACTICAL INTELLIGENCE BRANCH OF ATF IN WASHINGTON, D.C., PHONE NUMBER 202-927-7900. ************************************************************** ATF Briefing Paper Intelligence Division October 26, 1994 SUBJECT: To Provide an Overview of the Militia Movement Operating Throughout the United States Background The militia movement is a grassroots effort that is similar to the tax protest and anti-government campaigns of the 1970s and 1980s. During the past six months this movement has swept across the country. [Gee, the last six months. What a coincidence. -- Thompson] A catalyst of the movement was the formation of the Militia of Montana [THIS IS ONE OF THE ORGANIZATIONS LED BY PLANTS AND THEY DO NOTHING BUT CAUSE TROUBLE. THEY HAVE BEEN DISAVOWED BY ALL LEGITIMATE MILITIAS. -- Thompson] a.k.a. MOM, organized after the standoff with Randy Weaver in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. The Branch Davidian siege in Waco also fueled the spread of the movement. Militia organizers cite these incidents, as well as the passage of the Brady Bill and the Crime control Bill, as the basis for establishing militias -- the last line of defense against Federal law enforcement. To date militias have been identified in 20 states. [There are multiple militias in all 50 states. -- Thompson] These militias base their legitimacy on the Second Amendment to the constitution, as cited by them: "A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." [That is exactly how the ATF wrote it. The above is inaccurate and is not a quote of the second amendment. If they can't even quote the Constitution correctly, you get the idea of how accurate the rest of it is. -- Thompson] Members of militias are extremely paramilitary, anti-ATF, and literal interpreters of the Constitution. [Hey, they got this part right! They left out, "excellent shots, well equipped, and know a traitor when they see one." -- Thompson] They subscribe to the belief that the United States, its elected officials, the judiciary, and all segments of the Federal Government, have gotten away from the constitution, and this belief is driving this country toward "The New World Order." 'The New world Order' is a battle cry for the militias and generally defined as "a foreign power known as the United Nations, which is actually an oligarchy of the world's super-rich, who have no allegiance to any one nation and who control the United Nations from behind the scenes.' They view the United States as a pawn of the New World Order, and law enforcement authorities are its agents. It should be noted that there are militias that are sanctioned by a state to assist during times of civil defense. These are not the type of militias addressed in this document. The militias included embrace the conspiracy theorists of the 'New World Order' and are acquiring and training with firearms in order to protect themselves from police. These militias can be defined as follows: "Militias focus on Government as the enemy of the people, and expound a conspiracy theory attributed to certain 'shadow' organizations that are planning the overthrow of democratic America and replace it with the 'New World Order.'" Major Promoters of the Militia Movement The National Unorganized Militia Linda Thomspon (sic), leader of the Unorganized Militia is considered a major spokesperson advocating the formation of militias and proponents (sic) of the movement's conpiracy theories. [I am not the leader of the Unorganized Militia. I am the Adjutant General of the UMUS, which is a command staff position down the pole from the Commander of the UMUS and which has no direct command authority over state militias. -- Thompson] The Unorganized Militia, a.k.a. The American Justice Federation, was established in early 1993 during the Waco siege. [This portion is extremely inaccurate. The unorganized militia has been part of the United States since the country's inception and played a major role in the American Revolution. You may remember reading about "the minutemen" in your 6th grade history class -- those were the militia. The unorganized militia is defined at law, in 10 U.S.C. section 311. The unorganized militia is not the American Justice Federation by any way, shape or form. The American Justice Federation is a corporation, formed in 1991, two years before Waco, under the laws of the state of Indiana and is primarily a publishing company. Since this is ALL information available from public documents, it is very troubling they can't even get this much right. -- Thompson] Following the Waco incident, Thomspon (sic) produced and disseminated nationwide, a video presentation titled "Waco, the Big Lie." The video argues that there has been a Government conspiracy to cover-up the incidents in Waco. [Notice the big "G" in the word "government," above. Sort of tells you the mindset of the writer. -- Thompson] During the summer, Thompson was arrested for obstructing traffic and possessing firearms during President Clinton's health reform team's arrival in Indianpaolis, Indiana. [Wrong again. I was not arrested for possessing firearms. How can one be arrested for something that isn't illegal, eh? -- Thompson] She was also identified conducting firearms training in Pike County, Ohio. [I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN PIKE COUNTY, OHIO IN MY LIFE AND I HAVE NEVER CONDUCTED FIREARMS TRAINING ANYWHERE, PERIOD. THIS IS TOTAL FABRICATION. -- Thompson] In April 1994, Thomspon (sic) sent an 'Ultimatum' to members of Congress and called for an armed march on Washington, D.C. on September 19, 1994, to arrest members of Congress. She later cancelled this march due to a "CIA conspiracy plot" against her. [This is inaccurate. We never intended to have the march. We publicly announced it to get militias to form, and that worked very effectively as the ATF has noted, since the militia movement has spread rapidly "over the past six months" -- the time since our announcement. We publicly announced what we were doing and that there would be no march EARLIER than we planned to announce this fact, due to the fact that we got wind that covert operatives, presumed to be from the CIA were planning to bomb Washington, D.C. and blame it on us. You will notice that since then, there have been several odd attacks on Washington that are readily traceable to covert intelligence sources. If anyone is into loony conspiracy theories, looks like it is the ATF. -- Thompson] It is believe (sic) that Thomspon (sic) lost credibility within the militia movement when she cancelled the march. [Yes, that's right! I lost ALL credibility! I'm no longer any possible threat to you all whatsoever!! So why waste a 10 page report on me, then? -- Thompson] Militia of Montana (MOM) The Militia of Montana is a highly organized group that promotes and supports the formation of county militias in Montana, as well as nationally. [This is total crap. The Militia of Montana (MOM, anyway), is disorganized and headed by agent provocateurs who work for the ADL and perhaps the FBI. They have TWICE tried to set us up, and are constantly doing things to make militias look assinine. They have allowed felons in their group, too. They have been DISAVOWED by all legitimate militia units. They are PLANTS whose job is to make militias look bad and THAT is EXACTLY why they are included in this report. -- Thompson] The original organizers of MOM are John, David and Randy Trochmann. [These are the guys Randy Weaver said were informants on him. -- Thompson] The Trochmanns are known to have ties with the Aryan Nation Church in Hayden Lake, Idaho. [Yep -- here's the proof it's planted information. The feds are ALL convinced somehow that Aryan Nations are some REAL big threat, when in fact, they're a small bunch of survivalist yahoos in the hills of Idaho. But the ADL PURPOSELY teaches police agencies that Aryan Nations are a big threat so that the mere mention of Aryan Nations gets a knee-jerk ballistic reaction from police and it is guaranteed to label anyone "associated" with them -- even by this sort of bogus bullshit -- as a racist extremist. This is how people are "demonized" as targets for police without doing anything whatsoever, other than being mentioned in a slanderous report from the ADL!! Aryan Nations puts out separatist literature and are a small group that are basically not a threat to anyone because they don't have the ability to be a threat, they are too small, whether they are extremists or not. However, just the mere mention of "Aryan Nations" is why the feds worked themselves into such a frenzy at Weaver's cabin -- they have been brainwashed to believe Aryan Nations is dangerous. They get THAT bogus information from ADL, too. -- Thompson] Additionally, John Trochmann was co-chairperson of a support group for Randy Weaver. This support group later became the core of the present-day Mom. [If Weaver himself doesn't trust them, that should be a clue. -- Thompson] MOM has connections to Bo Gritz, former Populist party presidential candidate, former Phoenix police officer and leader of the "Police Against the New Rold Order," and Mark Koernke, a militia advocate from Michigan and one of the leading spokespersons for the movement, nationwide. [They left out "Jack McLamb" before "former Phoenix police officer." Gritz is not a former police officer. He is a known FBI informant and has known connections to CIA (documented in the "Traitor file" on here. Download from the AEN file area.) THESE PEOPLE ALSO ARE NOT MILITIA LEADERS OR MEMBERS AFFILIATED IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM WITH THE UMUS. -- Thompson] MOM's association with these various radical right wing factions portrays the organization closer to those expounding white separatism and racial hatred, than as mainstream "patriots. [Here's the BEST example of how bogus this report is! There is nothing in anything they have written to indicate that any of the preceding groups, such as Gritz, McLamb, or Koernke, are white separatists, or racist. I have never heard any of them say anything white separatist or racist, either, even though I don't like ANY of them. The ATF notes that the Trochmanns are associated with Aryan Nations and that in itself demonstrates the Trochmanns are white separatists, but that says nothing about Gritz, McLamb, or Koernke. Without establishing that Gritz, McLamb or Koernke are white separatists or racists, how does the fact that ATF claims there are "known connections" between them and Trochmann provide any support for the claim that these associations with Gritz, McLamb and Koernke "portray the organization (TROCHMANN'S) closer to those expounding white separatism and racial hatred"? Bogus, bogus, propaganda -- anyone who doesn't read this carefully won't see how it is done. This is a written form of "sleight of hand." Mention a known racist group, then sprinkle in whatever you want to taint, then summarize with a complete mistatement. We need to learn how to do this as well as ATF. -- Thompson] Police Against the New World Order (PATNWO) Former Phoenix police officer Jack McLamb is the leader of this organization. McLamb, who publishes "Operation Vampire 2000" and "Aid and Abet," is heavily involved in the right wing extremist movement. [Here we go -- what is the "right wing extremist movement" ?! That is a fiction, a stereotype, a catch-all phrase used to label and demonize anyone who is a target of the ADL. This is a WELL-KNOWN PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUE that was used by the Nazis in referring to Jews to make people hate them. -- Thompson] Vampire Killer 2000" suggests that U.S. law enforcement agencies are unknowingly and unwillingly involved with the United States Government in establishing the "New World Order." This group actively recruits law enforcement personnel. McLamb has traveled to other states and gives speeches before patriot audiences. It is strongly believed that Linda Thompson met with members of PATNWO before cancelling her armed march on Washington, D.C. [This part is more proof McLamb is a front. I have never met with McLamb, ever. They are attempting to give him credibility here. The fact that this report was leaked is very likely a propaganda effort to give credibility to MOM and the known plants by attacking them and lumping them in with known, credible militias and militia leaders. -- Thompson] McLamb is extremely close to Bo Gritz and pays tribute to him in his publications. McLamb accompanied Gritz to Ruby Ridge during the Randy Weaver standoff. during his 1992 presidential bid as a Populist Party candidate, Gritz encouraged his supporters to form militias. [I have continuously denounced Gritz; further, Gritz does *NOT* encourage forming militias -- he wants people to SIGN UP for his "SPIKE" training, where he will also teach people to FINGERPRINT EACH OTHER. DUH. I have a tape where he contradicts everything I've said and where he says the best thing that could happen would be if the U.N. would attack the United States. A transcript is in the file, downloadable here at AEN. GRITZ and 5TH SPECIAL FORCES, HIS OLD UNIT, ARE PART OF THE VERY UNITS THAT WE ARE WARNING ABOUT. TF 160 is one such unit! That is why Gritz is out there at all. That is why Gritz attacked my tapes -- I've been exposing them. Notice they mention McLamb accompanying Gritz up to Ruby Ridge and they DON'T mention Gritz was WIRED for the FBI! GRITZ WAS THEIR BOY. -- Thompson] Gritz has been conducting S.P.I.K.E> (Specially Prepared Individuals for Key Eents) training, which has been characterized as paramilitary, and has allegedly included weapons training. Gritz has purchased 200 acres of land in central Idaho. He is selling lots to 'like-minded' people. McLamb was to be a speaker during an Americans Against Gun Control (AAGC) banquet in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. AAGC was an organization first identified by ATF at the 1994 Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Classic in Sturgis, South Dakota. The group had a booth where they handed out anti-ATF literature. One article related to a scheduled ATF explosives certification course in Rapid City, South Dakota, in August 1994. The article called for the protest and disruption of the meeting. [Yeah, sounds like deranged crazies, all right -- they were going to have a legal PROTEST of ATF having an explosives certification course. After we all saw ATF in action in Waco, it shouldn't be any surprise that those boneheads should not be trusted with explosives!! Here the ATF is complaining of legal, 1st Amendment protected behavior -- protest -- as if that is illegal and somehow warrants police scrutiny. -- Thompson] Mark Koernke Koernke is a major spokesperson for the militia cause. Considered an extremely professional presenter, he has spoken all across the United States. He sells his video "America in Peril" at his speaking engagements and through numerous far right periodicals. He is associated with most major militia figures, including Linda Thompson. [KOERNKE IS *NOT* ASSOCIATED WITH ME. HE IS BOGUS. He claims to have been, variously, in the "Air Force intelligence," "Army Intelligence," "the 40th Ranger Battalion," (which does NOT exist and NEVER HAS) and one cannot be both "special forces" and "military intelligence," they are two different fields, entirely. I think since this report is complimentary of him ("extremely professional presenter"), exaggerates what he does ("has spoken all across the United States, it is intended to make him seem legitimate. More propaganda. Remember, this report may have been INTENTIONALLY LEAKED, too. Koernke gets very little coverage or speaking engagements and at his last speaking engagement in California, had such a low turn out, he had to beg for contributions to pay expenses and then STOLE the contributions!! -- Thompson] Koernke, commonly referred to as "Mark from Michigan," was the individual who spoke on behalf of the three militia members who were arrested this summer in Michigan. [COINCIDENTALLY, these were all guys associated with Mark who were busted on a "tip off" when Mark WASN'T with them. Oh, duh, is that one hard to figure out? -- Thompson] STATE LISTING OF MILITIAS The following is list of militias, [sounds Russian, doesn't it? -- Thompson] known to ATF, by state. Not all of the militias listed have been identified as having members who are in violation of laws that fall within ATF's jurisdictional purview. This list identifies locations of militias whose philosoph, if adhered to, could lead to violation of Federal laws. [NOTICE THAT PARAGRAPH. Thus far, they haven't, in the ENTIRE REPORT, mentioned ONE DAMNED THING THAT IS ILLEGAL, nor ONE DAMNED THING that is within ATF's legal jurisdiction!! -- Thompson] ALABAMA Unorganized Militia Affiliate Law enforcement has had contact with one individual believed to be an affiliate of the Unorganized Militia. The individual had expressed the same views as the Unorganized Militia. [What views are those? They have yet to say. Does having the "same views" make them an "affiliate"? On this basis, we can conclusively say the ATF is AFFILIATED WITH NAZIS BECAUSE THEY ARE USING THE EXACT SAME TACTICS AND HAVE THE EXACT SAME VIEWS. P.S. ATF -- I am rolling on the floor laughing about this one. All you can find to mention is one guy whose "views are the same." Love it! To the several thousand Alabama militia members: GOOD WORK, GUYS!! -- Thompson] Arizona Sovereign Citizens Movement The Sovereign Citizens Movement, located in Tucson, Arizona, is a constitutionalist organization promoting separation from the Federal Government and the formation of independent townships, and independent militia. Approximately 25 people attended a September meeting. [This is a reference to Gary Hunt, a known ATF plant. Hunt has NOTHING to do with any militias in the country and he is NOT from Arizona. He travels around the country, expenses paid. All genuine militias know him for what he is. -- Thompson] Arkansas Unorganized Militia Affiliate Two individuals expressed interest in attending the cancelled armed march on Washington, D.C. They were allegedly in possession of a fully automatic weapon. [(1) We have no "Arkansas affiliates." We have no "affiliates," period. (2) This tells me who has been bugging our phones and opening our mail. Thanks, ATF. After the march was cancelled, we had one guy call and complain and another wrote and complained about the march being cancelled, both from Arkansas. These were the only complaints. We did not reply to the complaints. Thus, ATF could only know about them by bugging our phone lines and opening our mail. (3) Both of these complaints were from people associated with a group that has attacked me on several occasions in literature they put out and who are affiliated with the ADL, called "Truth at Last." -- Thompson] California A large meeting of GOAL (see below) was held in the Bakersfield, California area, during which Mark Koernke was the guest speaker. [This is the meeting that Mark Koernke and Stadtmueller stole the money from. In the CIA references I have, there is also a Stadtmueller (unusual name) mentioned repeatedly. The California people to whom he was speaking are legitimate patriots but they are not "GOAL" members for the most part. -- Thompson] COLORADO Guardians of American Liberty (GOAL) GOAL is an organization, based in Boulder, Colorado, which incorporates many diverse radical right ideals and places them under one umbrella organization. These "committees" include FED and IRS; Legislative Research, bill and Laws, State Monitoring, Federal Monitoring; Legal; Political Prisoner; Public Servants; Communications and Public Relations; Self-Reliance and Family; Education; Sovereignty and Freedom; Militia; and Spritual. Goal has been identified in Colorado, California, and Ohio. [NOTE: THE ADL REPORT (SEE FOLLOWING) says "GOAL" is headed by STU WEBB. Stu Webb is a total idiot, a lunatic. He puts out a lot of disinformation, much of it alleging his former father-in-law is behind the mafia and CIA (he had a nasty divorce where he called his father-in-law up on the phone and threatened him for an hour and will play you a tape of this to convince you his father-in-law is in the mafia -- no, it makes no sense, since the phone call doesn't prove anything but him calling his father-in-law a lot of names). I banned him from the meeting I had in Denver. He pestered us for weeks on end and is very, very obviously either mentally disturbed, a fed plant, or both. GOAL is not the primary focus group of the patriot assemblies, the ADL is just trying to associate Webb with the large number of patriot meetings. Another guy associated with him, Marty Nalitz, a local radio host, stole $3,000 cash from me at that meeting, too. -- Thompson] An application for GOAL was found on two members of the American Patriots, who were arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada, for Federal firearms and explosives violations. FLORIDA American Citizen Alliance During the purchase of 50 magazine clips from an FFL in Maitland, Florida, the suspect made statements concerning the militia to a detective with the police department. Among other statemens (sic) he said there was a plan in place to kill Federal judges, congressmen, and agents. He also advised that he had 60 ruger rifles. An inquiry into the suspect's background revealed that he is a convicted felon. he was arrested by ATF on October 15, 1994. At the time of his arrest he was in possession of a Ruger rifle with a silencer. The suspect has five associates, also members of the American citizen Alliance, who are defendants in Federal cases as a result of their role in placing unlawful liens against the properties of Federal district court judges. Florida State Militia 2nd regiment The 2nd regiment of the Florida State Militia is located in Ft. Pierce, Florida. A spokesman for the group stated that their membership is made-up of the American Populist Party and the American Patriots. They believe in the Constitution and States' rights. They oppose the Federal Government's move to a New world Order and a central police force. He described the membership as "boy scouts with guns." Information received indicates members interest in making nitroglycerine. They may also be in possession of machineguns. [NOTE: This means they have an informant. -- Thompson] During one meeting, 250 people attended to listen to David Thibedeux, a Branch davidian survivor, speak about the Waco incident. The group claims to have 250,000 members statewide. [NOTE: David Thibedeaux was not charged by the government in connection with Waco; David Thibedeaux is the ONLY person besides children and David Koresh on the video tape made by David Koresh, sent out to the government to show the "condition of the children" during the siege. David Thibedeaux is one of the federal agents who was inside Mt. Carmel and was the REASON the siege lasted 51 days -- the feds had to get their own people OUT FIRST. David Thibedeaux is also featured in the tape about Waco that was PAID FOR BY THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT and features three other KNOWN FEDERAL OPERATIVES (only) as well as a "reporter" that went to LAWSCHOOL where I did (so he is probably FBI, who require a lawschool degree; he was also the anchor for NBC during the Waco siege. NBC is the ADL's own personal mouthpiece station and made the "WACO" show a week after the siege). NBC is the primary station seeking interviews as a result of the ADL press release and report, too, and they have called here. They told me they "heard of me" through the ADL press release. The entire paragraph, above, is probably intended to give Thibedeaux credibility. -- Thompson] Florida State Militia recruitment posters have surfaced depicting a hooded ATF SRT member with the caption "Never Surrender Your Firearms." This same picture can be seen in other militias' literature. Georgia 111th North Georgia Militia The 111th North Georgia Militia states that its 'area of operation' is in the Georgia mountains, near the Tennessee border. This militia has allegedly buried caches of firearms, explosives, and survival supplies in anticipation of their conspiracy beliefs of a United Nations takeover of the U.S. This group is associated with the Church of the Avenger and MOM. [Never heard of them, but if they exist, they obviously have some informant in their group. -- Thompson] Idaho United States MIlitia Association According to media accounts, Sam Sherwood, the director of the United States Militia Association, ased in southeast Idaho, speaks to groups concerning circumventing the Crime Bill by forming their own local militia units. Sherwood sells a detailed guide on organizing militias, which also include copies of laws to present to state legislators and county commissioners to persuade them to sanction local militias. He has allegedly recruited 500 members in 10 chapters in Idaho. [I don't know this guy, either, but heard from Ambrose Prichard with the London Telegraph that Sherwood disagrees with me and has denounced me (as a female, actually), but otherwise, I don't know much about him. The Christian Identity Church leader, Pete Peters, denounced me based on my being female because women are supposed to stay in the home, etc., so this may be the same thing Sherwood bases his claims on, which, him being in Idaho means he is probably Christian Identity, which is a separatist group, but that also means he could be a plant, since most of the outspoken racists are, in fact, government plants. -- Thompson] Sherwood sells a detailed guide on organizing militias, which also include copies of laws to present to state legislators and county commissioners to persuade them to sanction local militias. He has allegedly recruited 500 members in 10 chapters in Idaho. While Sherwood claims that the majority of the Idaho sheriffs back his campaign, Greg Mofat, Sheriff of Madison County and President of the Tri-County Sheriff's Association, was quoted in the Salt Lake Tribune, "Their intent is to amass weapons, including automatic weapons, and go against the Federal government. Indiana Unorganized Militia Indianapolis is the home base for the Unorganized Militia. See above. [Morons. See Title 10, Section 311 of the US Code, Article I, Section 8 and the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution ("the militia clauses) and the Constitutions of all 50 states. -- Thompson] Michigan Northern Michigan Militia Since March 1994, the ATF Detroit Field Division has noted the escalation of the militia movement in Michigan from a theoretical group of individuals, who advocate returning to the constitution, to a full-blown paramilitary organization which is growing with unprecedented speed. Militias have been identified in 66 of MIchigan's 85 counties. [1st Bde, MI: NOTE, THIS MEANS YOU HAVE AN INFILTRATOR, BIG TIME. -- Thompson] The formation of militias in Michigan is believed to have been spearheaded by the Northern Michigan Militia, 1st Brigade, headed by Norman Olson, a former career Air Force Officer, minister, and current Federal Firearms Licensee. [The above information is wrong, so it may be an intentional leak to bolster registration in the 1st Bde. There were already at least 20 other militias before 1st Bde. -- Thompson] The militias are considered to be separate and distinct from each other, yet Olson is the self-appointed liaison among the various militias in Michigan. It should be noted that Olson is selling large quantities of firearms through his business and may be selling them to militia members. [If he is a an FFL holder, well DUH, what a surprise, he is selling large quantities of firearms. That is true for EVERY firearms dealer in America, thanks to the Nazi laws that have passed lately. BY THE DEFINITION OF MILITIA ON THE FEDERAL LAW BOOKS, EVERY SALE OF EVERY GUN BY *ANYONE* IS A SALE TO A MILITIA MEMBER. Title 10, section 311, US CODE: Federal Code sections are to be read as gender neutral 10 U.S.C. s. 311: (a) The militia of the United States consists of all able- bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are commissioned officers of the National Guard. (b) The classes of the militia are: (1) The organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and (2) The unorganized militia which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia. NOTE: THIS MEANS EVERYONE IN THE U.S. IS A MEMBER OF THE MILITIA, BY LAW. -- Thompson] According to the Detroit Field Division, the following groups have been found to be related in some manner to the various militias in Michigan: The National Unorganized Militia, We the People, [it ends with a comma like that in the ATF copy and there is a blank line (so they have whited-out a line here), then it starts again as follows -- Thompson] Gun Owners of macomb County, Gun Owners of MIchigan, Justice Pro Se, Committee to Restore the Constitution, Citizens for Justice, Fully Informed Jury Association, and the American Freedom Network. MISSOURI Continental Militia The Continental Militia is based at an undisclosed location in Crawford county, Missouri, where they are rumored to have drug connections and buried munitions. One member has sent threatening letters to local law enforcement. Members declare that they are not citizens of the United States, but rather citizens of the state of Missouri. Therefore, they claim that they are not subject to the laws of the United States. Other Missouri Militias Since June 1994, law enforcement authorities have determined that militias have been formed in Greene, Dade, Barton, Cedar and Franklin counties. Copies of Mark Koernke's tape have been circulating among these militias. [NOTICE THEY DON'T MENTION "AMERICA UNDER SIEGE" SINCE IT PROVIDES COMPLETE PROOF THAT WHAT WE ARE SAYING IS TRUE AND THEY DON'T WANT THE POLICE TO SEE IT!!! BUT MILITIAS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY HAVE IT AND I KNOW FOR A FACT THIS INCLUDES THE MISSOURI MILITIAS. -- Thompson] Montana MOM Montana is the home base for MOM. NEVADA Nevada Volunteers A member of this group has alleged ties to the Aryan Nations, skin heads, [Oh yes, invoke the dreaded, ever-powerful boogey-man, the 'Aryan Nations,' because they claim one member -- who is probably a FED PLANT -- is a member of Aryan Nations!! That's about as bogus as claiming that one member goes to Ninja School, so they must all be Ninjas. Yeah right. -- Thompson] and is a supporter of the U.S. Special Forces National Militia. [What the hell is the "U.S. Special Forces National Militia"? ATF never mentions it in their report so it either isn't any big "threat," doesn't exist, or it's one of their own agencies or it's a GENUINE threat they are scared of and don't want to anger. Har har. -- Thompson] Members of this group are suspected of Federal firearms violations and may have connections with militias in other states. NEW MEXICO PATWNO protested at the IACP conference. [ATF again complaining about legal 1st Amendment protected activity as if it is a reason for law enforcement to attack. -- Thompson] NEW YORK During October 1994, an ATF defendant of Bay Shore, New York, was convicted of two counts of possessing a machinegun; one count of engagin in the Business of Unlicensed Manufacturing of Firearms, and two counts of Making a Machinegun Lacking a Serial Number. The defendant, who is described as a survivalist and a taxprotestor, belonged to a group called the "Naked Truth." During the execution of a search warrant, a letter was found which indicated the defendant intended to initiate militia and recruit persons to assist him in the manufacturing of firearms. [The thought police are at it again -- here, because one person was THINKING about forming a militia, better be worried about big-time militia activity in New York! -- Thompson] NORTH CAROLINA Unconfirmed information disclosed the possible existence of an armed, uniform militia that is stockpiling weapons for the purpose of future resistance against the Federal Government. OHIO OHIO UNORGANIZED MILITIA The Ohio Unorganized Militia has strong ties with Linda Thompson and her national movement. [These are the guys I denounced as wusses for their "demonstration" on U.N. day, you may recall. Strong ties my butt. -- Thompson] In July 1994, Thompson was observed training with the Pike County Unit of the Ohio Unorganized MIlitia. [This is a REAL good indication of how bad ATF's intelligence is. I have NEVER been in Pike County nor met nor trained with the Pike County Militia in my life, period. -- Thompson] The militia movement in Ohio recently received media attention when James Johnson, a black male [WHO ARE THE RACISTS HERE? Lessee, ATF first tries to portray me as a racist, by their smear tactics, then they claim I'm closely tied to James Johnson, then THEY make a point of mentioning his RACE. CLUE TIME. GET ONE FROM THE CLUE BOX. -- Thompson] stated that he is the coordinator for the Ohio militias in 50 of Ohio's 88 counties. Johnson stated that the militia members are stockpiling weapons because they feel that armed conflict is inevitable in the United States. Johnson further predicted that the conflict would occur before the summer of 1995. A chapter of the Guardians of American Liberties is also in Ohio. SOUTH DAKOTA TRI-STATE MILITIA Not much is known about this militia, other than the fact that a unit may be located near Sioux Falls, south Dakota. This group may be connected to "We the People." Mark Koernke has also spoken to a Sioux Falls citizen's group, along with a representative of "We the People." TEXAS Concerned Americans This group was first identified at gun shows in central Texas. They believe that it is their responsibility to acquire firearms to defend themselves against police. They do not appear to have any financial backing and lack organization. Since an influential leader has not emerged, it is questionable whether the organization will flourish. Wisconsin Free Militia Mathew Trewhella, leader of the anti-abortion group, Missionaries to the Preborn, sponsored a rally in October 1993, in which Linda Thomspon (sic) was the featured speaker; 2,500 attended. Trewhella advocates the forming of church-based militias. =============================================================== -= Text block authorship Thompson =- The report ends here. Observations: Notice the report says things like "unconfirmed information disclosed . . ." This means it is nothing but b.s., unsubstantiated rumor, yet they are putting it out as "disclosed," which means "discovered" or "revealed." They should say, "rumor has it that such and such is going on." To the militias who are "rumored" but not detailed, you know who you are, and to those who are not even mentioned: GOOD WORK. For all of those who believed the claims that I'm an "agent provacateur," notice that the ONLY information about me is what *I* have put out, personally, or public record (when I was arrested). You'll also notice they only cover a handful of states and most of that with "rumor" and "based on the arrest of one guy, we figure thus and such" type nonsense. Their information is absolutely dismal, hopelessly wrong, as those in the militias not even mentioned will especially appreciate. This report went a long way to finding out who the infiltrators are, though. Thanks, ATF. We have no infiltrators here at this office. We ARE being bugged and monitored, though. Next door, at the pizza place, there is a guy who is posing as a delivery boy, who meets with a fed car periodically and carries one of those red plastic pizza cover bags with him, only he doesn't carry like a pizza, he carries it like a money bag, down by his side, and the fed car he meets in the parking lot, opens his trunk and they stand out there and talk a few minutes. We figure he is making tape recordings of our office conversations and that is what is in the bag. Just a guess. The fed-posing-as-pizza-boy passed by me and a couple of people talking out on the sidewalk day before yesterday. All the real employees at the pizza place say "Hello" and wave when we see them -- they all know us -- and this guy CERTAINLY knows me, yet when he passed by, he wouldn't so much as look at any of us, intentionally avoiding eye contact. I opened the door to the pizza place and yelled in, "Hey, if the fidelity isn't good, you can always put the microphone over in our office." The guy didn't even act puzzled or look up, he just replied, "So I've heard." Pretty much confirms what we thought. What a bunch of dummies. [These meetings in the parking lot stopped when I went out and photographed them and the tag of the car. heheh. Guess they have to be more clandestine now.] --endfile -= Text file ends =-