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Allen, Steve
Alley, Robert S
School Prayer: The Court, The Congress, and the First Amendment. 273-page hardback, $28.00
Appleman, Philip
Let There Be Light. Freethought poetry. Moving, irreverent, powerful. $11.00
Babinski, Edward T., ed.
Leaving The Fold: Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists. Personal stories of former True Believers who are now liberal Christians, agnostics, atheists, and other religions. 462-page hardback, $33.00
Barker, Dan
Maybe Right, Maybe Wrong: A Guide For Young Thinkers. How do you decide what is right and wrong? This book teaches morality (without religion) to freethinking children. Fully illustrated. $14.00
Barker, Dan
Maybe Yes, Maybe No: A Guide For Young Skeptics. How do you know what is true or false? This book teaches the scientific method in simple terms to freethinking children. Fully illustrated. $14.00
Blanshard, Paul., ed.
Classics of Freethought. Bradlaugh, Burbank, Darrow, Darwin, Diderot, Huxley, Ingersoll, Jefferson, Madison, McCabe, Mencken, Paine, Russell, Shelley, Twain, Voltaire, and more. 190 pages, $19.00
Boston, Rob
Why The Religious Right Is Wrong About The Separation Of Church And State. Excellent reference for debate! Views and intentions of our founders, Supreme Court decisions, & more. Boston is with Americans United for Separation of Church and State. 257 pages, $17.00
Bowman, Meg, ed
Feminist Classics: Women's Words That Changed The World. Ellerbee, Durbin, Gaylor, Kennedy, Steinem, and much more.166 pages, $9.00
Burke, J. Ashleigh
The X-Rated Book: Sex & Obscenity In The Bible. 223 pages, $5.00
Cohen, Edmund D.
The Mind of the Bible Believer. The psychology of fundamentalism mindset. 432 pages, $21.00
Darrow, Clarence
Why I Am An Agnostic and Other Essays. 109 pages, $15.00
Eisler, Lee
The Quotable Bertrand Russell. 336 pages, $18.00
Flew, Anthony
Atheistic Humanism. 302-page hardback, $33.00
Harwood, William
Mythology's Last Gods: Yahweh and Jesus. 416-page hardback, $28.00
Haught, James A.
Holy Horrors: An Illustrated History of Religious Murder and Madness. 233-page hardback, $22.00
Helms, Randall
Gospel Fictions. Much of the New Testament is "reflexive fiction," rewrites from Hebrew formulas. 154 pages, $16.00
Ingersoll, Robert Green
On the Gods and Other Essays. 177-page hardback, $21.00
Ingersoll, Robert Green
Some Mistakes of Moses. Classic criticism of the Pentateuch. 270 pages, $16.00
Johnson, Sonia
From Housewife To Heretic. Excommunicated from the Mormon Church for promoting women's rights. 415 pages, $12.00
Kevorkian, Dr. Jack
Prescription: Medicide: The Goodness of Planned Death. hardback (was $25.00) now $13.00
Kosmin & Lachman
One Nation Under God: Religion in Contemporary American Society. 312-page hardback, $25.00
Leedom, Tim C., ed.
The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read. Steve Allen, Dan Barker, Doerr, Gaylor, Larue, Paine, Till, and more. 446 pages, $17.00
Lofmark, Carl
What Is The Bible? 118-page hardback, $20.00
Martin, Michael
Atheism: A Philosophical Justification. Comprehensive treatment by professor of Philosophy (Boston University). 541 pages, $25.00
Martin, Michael
The Case Against Christianity. Devastating critique by professor of philosophy. 273 pages, $23.00
McCabe, Joseph
The Forgery Of The Old Testament. 150-page reprint, $15.00
McKinsey, Dennis
The Encyclopedia Of Biblical Errancy. Hundreds of bible contradictions, organized by topic. Valuable resource! 450-page hardback, $50.00
McKown, Delos
The Mythmaker's Magic: Behind The Illusion of "Creation Science." Perceptive and witty, McKown is head of Auburn (AL) Philosophy Dept. 180-page hardback, $24.00
Miller, J. R.
The Freethinker's Little Handbook. Compilation of some of history's greatest freethinkers. Miller is a veteran comedy writer (HeeHaw, etc.). 104 pages, $10.00
Mumford, Stephen D.
The Pope And The New Apocalypse: The Holy War Against Family Planning. 82 pages, $4.00
Remsburg, John E
The Christ: A Critical Review & Analysis of the Evidence of His Existence. Long overdue reprint of this classic, powerful criticism of a historical Jesus. 437-page hardback $30.00
Russell, Bertrand
Why I Am Not A Christian. 266 pages, $12.00
Seckel, Al, ed.
Bertrand Russell on Ethics, Sex & Marriage. 348 pages, $19.00
Seldes, George, ed.
Great Quotations. New edition by Citadel. Great buy at 893 pages, $18.00
Shelley, Percy Bysshe
The Necessity of Atheism & Other Essays. 354 pages, $23.00
Smith, George
Atheism: The Case Against God. Excellent atheist primer. 355 pages, $19.00
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady
The Woman's Bible. New edition. $15.00
Stein, Gordon, ed.
Anthology of Atheism & Rationalism. Bradlaugh, Besant, Huxley, Robertson, McCabe, Paine, Ingersoll, Voltaire, and more. 354 pages, $23.00
Stein, Gordon, ed.
A Second Anthology of Atheism & Rationalism. Besant, Bradlaugh, Browning, Byron, Diderot, Haldeman-Julius, Kipling, Lamont, Lewis, McCabe, Paine, Shelley, and more. 442-page hardback, $29.00
Steiner, Franklin
The Religious Beliefs Of Our Presidents (Washington To FDR). 190-page reprint, $17.00
Twain, Mark
Christian Science. Witty, caustic attack on Christian Science and its founder, Mary Baker Eddy, the "queen of frauds and hypocrites." 196 pages, $16.00
White, Andrew D.
A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom. 889 pages (2 volumes in one), $20.00
Wistrich, Robert S.
AntiSemitism: The Longest Hatred. A Classic. 341-page hardback, $27.50

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