Creationist nonsense redux. We once again get a good look at the type of scholarship employed by Creationists (that is, none whatsoever.)

* AMMI.ZIP Ted Holden rants on about his bizzare religious beliefs. He claims that Carl Sagan and the rest of the world is 'wrong.'
* BASS.ZIP Ted Holden tries to use authority (Robert Bass) to back up his occult beliefs.
* BIGANIMS.ZIP Ted Holden copntinues to try to defend his occultism.
* EFR.ZIP 'VELIKOVSKY UPDATE--Introduction' More Ted Holden occultism 'explained.'
* EMERALD.ZIP 'Something was REAL different in those days.' More Ted Holden occultism 'explained.'
* EQUALIB.ZIP 'I claim that empirical evidence involving Venus is being doctored and falsified at every turn because it does not fit with scientists' pre-conceived ideas involving the age of our s
* MEXEGY.ZIP 'If Velikovsky is correct about the big catastrophe if 1500 BC described in Worlds in Collision...' More Ted Holden occultism 'explained.'
* OHET-SUM.ZIP The Once Hollow Earth Theory. More Ted Holden occultism 'explained.'
* RE.ZIP More Ted Holden occultism 'explained.'
* READ.ZIP THE VELIKOVSKLAN - A Journal of Myth, History and Science. More Ted Holden occultism 'explained.'
* ROSE.ZIP The basic Holden article on dinosaur enigmas, in its entirity, was featured in a recent issue of The Velikovskian. More Ted Holden occultism 'explained.'
* SMAN.ZIP Ted Holden continues to use occult mythology to back-up his delusions.


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