Welcome to the World Wide Web edition of the "The Watchman". This publication is an extension of the newsletter of the Pennsylvania Christian Posse Comitatus. I, Mark Thomas, am the editor and publisher. The hard-copy newsletter itself is available for a donation of twenty-five dollars a year or more in U.S. funds in the continental United States. The address of the same is:

Box 50, Hereford, P.A.

My objective in writing "The Watchman" is to educate people of the Caucasian Race as to their roots, their history and their destiny. I chose to follow Pastor Richard Butler in his expository and identify this subject as Who we are, Where we come from, and Why we are here!

I am a Two-Seedline Identity minister and was ordained by Pastor Butler at Aryan Nations in 1990. While I place the preservation of the White Race above any other consideration, I do not desire to follow the party line of mindless race-hatred so commonly associated with racialist organizations. I believe that such emotions are best likened to symptoms of an illness. No person who believes in the Inspiration of the Holy Bible can honestly make a statement such as "I hate those G-D niggers!" The concluding verse of Genesis Chapter Two say that "all that God made was very good". I am well aware of the wickedness done in America by racial aliens, but I also believe that reactionary hatred and spontaneous acts of violence only add to the problem. We need to go back to square one and evaluate where we went astray and then promote solutions. Many of the mainstream right-wing will disagree with much of what I have to say but all that I ask is that if you differ with me or someone else, do so thoughtfully. Ask yourself this one question, does what you say and do in the name of White Power empower White people?

I desire that this page be a place of debate. There will be no sacred cows tolerated here and it will not become a forum for judaeo-Christianity, kosher-conservatism, or conspiracy freaks. I don't care what the space-aliens or the Illuminati is up to.

It is furthermore not my intent to dwell upon the undesirable characteristics of non-Aryans, The Posse is not a sob-sister support group and "The Watchman" is not a crying towel. I will present my observations about issues relevant to White people in a manner designed to provoke discussion and debate. It is my hope that this will cause racialists to re-evaluate their opinions to the end that they might be more effective in their efforts. Furthermore I believe that a rational and logical approach will drive away the bozos who damage our cause every time they open their bucket mouths.

I welcome the comments of all sincere people regardless of their nationality. I personally believe that it is globalist governments that are the true enemies of righteousness and that ultimately nationalists of all races must "hang together lest we all be hanged separately".

In short, I am something of a philosopher and to most conservatives, a renegade. The only thing I really hate is judaeo-Christianity and any political system that puts the love of money before the love of people. I am a humanist, a liberal, and an old hippie if you follow the original definitions of those words and I have become a stranger in a strange land.

- Mark Thomas