Information about the Promise Keeper cult. The Promise Keeper cult is an organization which hates women and uses the classical Christanic mythologies to justify the oppression of women -- all under the rhetoric of "being of service" to women.

* PROM01.ZIP Who is David Mclaughlin and what scary things does he say?
* PROM02.ZIP If it sounds like hate to you -- as it does to me -- then that's what it probably is.
* PROM03.ZIP ...these kind of teachings sound very innocent on the front end, but they preclude attitudes of doing things to other people without their permission, treating another person as an o
* PROM04.ZIP Too many men have understood 'taking their role as leader' to mean that they are the boss...
* PROM05.ZIP I suggest that all women who want to be 'led' around by a man for the sake of allowing him to keep his masculinity stand up and say 'I!' -- hmmm.... I hear silence......
* PROM06.ZIP You must now understand my skepticism about these glowing PR creations.
* PROM07.ZIP Michael, I'm not so sure that Jesus ever taught that men (or anyone else) should take 'leadership' (Fuhrerheit) and dedicate their lives to leading everyone else around.
* PROM08.ZIP Caleb, please don't nitpick when Christians are shooting people, burning down houses, and professing to 'love the sinner but hate the sin...'
* PROM09.ZIP I went to Northwestern Bookstores and looked at the Promise Keepers book.
* PROM10.ZIP However, the scriptures, particularly those concerning women, have to be interpreted according to the cultures in which they were written and to which they were written.
* PROM11.ZIP The Promise Keepers cult
* PROM12.ZIP There are many ways to express hate and violence.


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