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Length Method Size Ratio Date Time CRC-32 Attr Name
------ ------ ----- ----- ---- ---- ------ ---- ----
35212 Unknown 8962 75% 01-07-96 17:32 4a025501 --w PDQ4P&P.WP6
2257 Unknown 1460 36% 01-07-96 17:33 f5a5d47c --w ORDER.CAN
2225 Unknown 1444 36% 01-07-96 17:34 0110497a --w ORDER.USA
2218 Unknown 1439 36% 01-07-96 17:35 4c003c35 --w ORDER.INT
6342 Unknown 2623 59% 12-11-95 23:49 8322c427 --w PDQ4CSC.WP6
13674 Unknown 5833 58% 01-07-96 15:56 3b42cbc4 --w PDQ4INST.WP6
------ ------ --- -------
61928 21761 65% 6

* PDQ4P&P.ZIP (click here) File contains a copy of the Personality Diagnostic Questionnnaire version 4 for the DSM-IV (PDQ-4). Questionnaire can be used for the screening and assessment of personality disord


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