Science Directorate Funds Three Scientific Conferences

The Science Directorate, under the advisement of the APA Scientific Conference Review Committee, has awarded three new grants to fund scientific conferences. The recipients of the grants are California State University at Fullerton, Princeton University, and University of Michigan.

Princeton University held a conference on ■Attribution Processes, Person Perception, and Social Interaction: The Legacy of Ned Jones■ on March 23-25, 1995, at Princeton University. John M. Darley, PhD [(609) 258-4433], and Joel Cooper, PhD, both from Princeton University, organized the conference.

California State University at Fullerton will host the conference, Genetic, Ethological, and Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Development: Essays in Honor of Dr. Daniel G. Freedman,■ October 27-29, 1995, at the University of Chicago. The organizers of the conference are Nancy L. Segal, PhD, California State University at Fullerton [(714) 773-2142]; Glenn E. Weisfeld, PhD, Wayne State University; and Carol C. Weisfeld, PhD, University of Detroit, Mercy.

The University of Michigan was awarded a grant for a conference on Global Prospects for Education: Development, Culture, and Schooling, a conference in honor of Harold Stevenson, PhD. The conference will be held in the Spring of 1996 at the University of Michigan. Scott G. Paris, PhD [(313) 764-7472], and Henry M. Wellman, PhD, both from the University of Michigan, are organizing the conference.

APA plans to publish scientific volumes resulting from these conferences. For information about the meetings, contact the conference organizers. To inquire about funding future conferences, contact Cheri Lane in the Science Directorate.

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