American Psychological Foundation Graduate Student Scholars Announced

Ten graduate students are $1,000 "to the good" today, thanks to the American Psychological Foundation (APF) graduate research scholarships. The scholars were selected from a field of nearly 100 by a distinguished panel of scientists representing the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology (COGDOP).

"APF is proud to be able to support these fine young scientists in the beginning stages of their careers," said APF President Joseph D. Matarazzo, PhD.

The scholarships represent APF's continuing commitment to promoting psychological awards, scholarships, and other activities. The funds will be used by the students in different ways, but many will use the money to defray tuition, help support their dissertation research, or travel to present a paper at a scientific meeting.

The students were selected by a panel of COGDOP representatives, including Tom DiLorenzo, PhD (Panel Chair), University of Missouri; Deborah Best, PhD, Wake Forest University; Ruth Maki, PhD, North Dakota State University; and Richard McCarty, PhD, University of Virginia.

The competition will be held again in 1996, with an expected deadline date of mid-June. For information, please contact Patti Townsend in the Science Directorate at (202) 336-6000.

Award Recipients, Along With Their Institution, Subject Area, Expected Degree, and Research Project Title

Holly Arrow, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (social-PhD), "The Development and Transmission of Group Culture in Growing Organizations Founded by Women and Men."
Christopher Edwards, University of Kentucky (clinical-PhD), "Psychoneuroendocrinologically Mediated, Pain-Induced, Emotional Memory Modulation: The Effects of Naltrexone on Recall and Recognition Performance Following Word Incidental Learning Tasks on Premenstrual, Eumenorrheic Female College Students."
Cynthia Good Mojab, Illinois State University (clinical-MS), "Culture and Coping: The Influence of Individualism-Collectivism on Coping Styles."
Anthony J. Greene, Boston College (cognitive-PhD), "Extending the Purview of Cross-Modal Priming."
Jamin Halberstadt, Indiana University (social-PhD), "Verbalization and Emotion-Related Attentional Biases."
Katherine Kerr, State University of New York, Buffalo (social-PhD), "The Relationship of Attachment Style Differences to Differentiation and Flexibility of Working Models of Self and Others."
Lisa Marshall, Gallaudet University (clinical-PhD), "Communication Accessibility, Behavioral Ratings, and Childhood Deafness: Investigation of Three Modes of Communication."
Benjamin Philpot, University of Virginia (psychobiology-PhD), "Activity-Dependent Mechanisms of Olfactory Bulb Development."
Robert Roth, Concordia University (clinical-PhD), "Information Processing in Schizophrenia: Evaluation and Treatment With Attention Training."
Oriel Strickland, Purdue University (industrial/organizational-PhD), "Influences on the Attention State of Performance Appraisal: Perceived Control, Outcome Interdependence, and Physical Proximity."

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