Graduate Research Scholarships Announce

In September, the Science Directorate notified 11 graduate students that they were selected by the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology (COGDOP) to receive a $1,000 Graduate Research Scholarship in Psychology for the 1996-1997 academic year. The program, a collaborative effort between the American Psychological Foundation, COGDOP, and the Science Directorate, provides scholarships to graduate students to help support the costs of their research, tuition, or travel to a scientific meeting. The scholarships were awarded to the following individuals.

Kristen C. Kling (University of Wisconsin, Madison), 'Personality Processes and Adjustment During a Life Transition'; Elke M. Kurz (Bowling Green State University), 'Mental Models of Change: A Cognitive Investigation of the Calculus'; Brenda Jo Lohman (Illinois State University), 'Stressors, Coping Strategies, Family Environment, and Adolescent Health: A Longitudinal Follow-Up Study'; Stephanie Madon (Rutgers University), 'Best Guess Model'; Kathleen R. McKuin (California State University, Stanislaus), 'Attachment Styles and Parent Role Scripts'; Linda R. Mona (Georgia State University), 'Sexual Self-Adjustment and Spinal Cord Injuries'; Laura L. Namy (Northwestern University), 'Role of General Symbolic Processes in Infants' Interpretation of Words and Other Symbolic Forms'; Marcella Piper-Terry (University of South Alabama), 'Gender Differences in College Students' HIV Risk Behavior: Testing the Theory of Self-Regulation'; Lisa Sethre-Hofstad (University of New Mexico), 'Physiological and Behavioral Correlates of Emotional Regulatory Interactions Between Mothers and Children'; Gregory L. Stuart (Indiana University), 'Impulsivity as a Predictor of Marital Violence: Testing a Mediational Model'; Kevin P. Weinfurt (Georgetown University), 'States of Awareness in Recognition Memory for Faces in Young and Elderly Adults.'

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