Appropriators Near FY 1996 Finish Line

Following the completion of the House and Senate Appropriations bills that fund federal research agencies, the forecast for the behavioral sciences is gloomy. Most of the federal research programs that support behavioral science will receive slight decreases--or in the case of the National Institutes of Health, increases--in FY 1996. For those programs with decreased funding, it will be increasingly difficult for new investigators to win grants, and the competition for continuing funds will also be stiff. To make matters worse, FY 1996 is only the first year of promised Republican belt-tightening.

Now that the House and Senate bills are complete, the differences between the two will be worked out in conference before being sent to the President for signing. This was supposed to have happened before September 30, which was the end of the fiscal year. Because it did not, the Administration and Republican leaders in Congress "agreed to disagree," but both supported at least one continuing resolution (CR), which has financed government operations since funding ran out on October 1. The CR will be in effect only until mid-November, so the intense negotiations between the Administration and Congress will probably continue until then.

Below is an abbreviated table with the current FY 1995 funds, FY 1996 money requested by the Administration, and the funding levels approved by the House and Senate Appropriations Committees. In the past, the final numbers have usually been a compromise between the House and Senate figures. This year, there will also be significant differences between the House and Senate report language accompanying the appropriations bills. In general, the House has been more aggressive in cuts, eliminating programs, and tacking on legislative amendments.

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Selected FY 1996 Appropriations

Agency/Dept./Institute Current Admin. FY96 FY96 FY95 Rqst House Senate National Science Foundation Research & Related 2,280 2,454 2,254 2,294 Educ./Human Res. 606 599 599 599 National Institutes of Health NICHD 569 587 595 580 NIA 435 448 454 443 NIAAA 190 196 199 194 NIDA 437 452 458 447 NIMH 631 652 661 645 Department of Defense Army (6.1) 229 205 205 182 Army (6.2) 636 434 462 434 Navy (6.1) 438 402 402 390 Navy (6.2) 538 479 526 493 Air Force (6.1) 248 240 254 230 Air Force (6.2) 707 672 668 640 Univ. Research Initiatives 253 236 221 231

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