Pentagon Funds Behavioral Research

The U. S. Army Research Institute (ARI) for the Behavioral and Social Sciences is inviting proposals for FY 1996 awards to support fundamental research in the behavioral sciences. The deadline for applications is January 31, 1996.

Proposals for basic research should have the potential to feed into the development of new behavioral technologies that will improve the effectiveness of Army personnel and their units. Investigations that focus on physiological or chemical mechanisms, on psychopathology, or on applied research are not eligible.

Areas of Interest

ARI is interested in the following areas: (1) leadership, (2) implications of digital information, (3) new issues in training, (4) social structures affecting army performance, (5) and occupational analysis.

Although projects can range up to 3 years, short-term efforts with modest budgets are particularly encouraged; proposals may, however, include an option for further research funding that will be exercised by ARI if early results are promising. ARI also welcomes small-scale efforts in high-risk/high-gain areas.

Contact Information

For more information, contact: U.S. ARI, Attn: PERI-BR, 5001 Eisenhower Ave., Rm. 6N50, Alexandria, VA 22333-5600; or call Dr. Michael Drillings at (703) 274-8641 [Topics 1 and 4]; Dr. George Lawton at (703) 274-5590 [Topics 3 and 5]; or Dr. Joseph Psotka at (703) 274-5572 [Topics 2, 3, and 5].

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