APA Books Seeks To Publish New Science Volumes

An Invitation to Research Psychologists

Many members are familiar with APA's several dozen books that have resulted from the Science Conferences Program, but what many members don't realize is that one need not be a part of an APA-sponsored conference to publish a science volume with APA Books. We are eager to consider basic and applied research books, edited or authored by our members, on a variety of topics in psychology.

What Are the Advantages of Publishing With APA Books?

First, we offer contract terms and royalties that are competitive with other major publishers. Second, we devote more time and resources to authors and editors than most other publishing houses. Our experienced acquisitions and development editors are available to help you shape your book, and our production team provides the highest quality technical edit in the field. In addition, the internal and cover designs of many of our books have won both regional and national design competitions.

Perhaps most important, APA Books can give your volume the market exposure it deserves. Our highly qualified marketing professionals will work closely with you to reach potential readers. We can guarantee 900,000 reader exposures in the first year and over 6 million during the lifetime of the book. We usually keep books in print for over 7 years, and we actively promote most titles for at least 5 to 6 years, with total lifetime exposures exceeding 6 or 7 million. No other publisher can deliver that!

How Do You Go About Working With APA Books?

First, send us a prospectus and your CV. Your CV should indicate that you are qualified to write on the topic of the book, and the prospectus should answer the following questions:

The prospectus should also include an annotated table of contents, which describes each chapter in one or two paragraphs. For authored volumes, if possible, include a sample chapter. For edited volumes, the names of chapter authors are needed, along with an indication of which authors are already committed to writing the chapters. It is also helpful to know what instructions chapter authors have been given (or will be given).

Questions That Authors and Editors Often Have About Publishing With APA Books

Should I call APA Books before I send my prospectus? You are always welcome to call us with questions, but keep in mind that, until we actually receive your prospectus, we can't evaluate it in any substantive way. If you do have questions, please call (202) 336-5792 and ask to speak with an acquisitions editor.

How long should my prospectus be? The norm is 8 to 15 double-spaced pages, but this varies widely depending on the book. Feel free to write as much or as little as you need to cover the items just described.

How long will it take to get feedback? This depends on how quickly w can locate a qualified psychologist willing to review your proposal; however, it typically takes 6 weeks.

Can I send my prospectus to other publishers at the same time I submit it to APA Books? Because of the amount of resources required to evaluate a prospectus, we would prefer that you wait until after we review your proposal before submitting it to another book publisher. However, should you decide to send it to other publishers simultaneously, please let us know this in your cover letter or prospectus.

If I publish with APA, how will my book be marketed? We will tailor a marketing plan specifically to your book, using our market research capabilities and your responses to our marketing questionnaire. Our initial goal will be to identify the highest priority audiences and the best ways to reach them, including journal and newsletter advertisements, conference displays, and direct mail promotions (e.g., brochures). Of course, your book will be advertised to all APA Members and Affiliates (currently numbering over 135,000), but it will also be marketed to a much broader audience.

For example, in addition to APA journals and newsletters, our books are advertised in the journals and newsletters of such organizations as the Psychonomics Society and the American Psychological Society. Depending on the topic, our books are regularly marketed to physicians, attorneys, social workers, psychiatrists, educators, public health policymakers and practitioners, and the educated lay public, to name only a few.

Soon after each APA book is released, we feature an ad in the American Psychologist and in the APA Monitor (each with a 120,000 circulation). Space ads are likely to appear in the Monitor or the American Psychologist two or three more times in the first year after the book's publication. In addition, your book will be

To whom should I submit my prospectus? Send your proposal to Julia Frank-McNeil, Director, APA Books, 750 First St., NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242.

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