BSA and Its Committees Review Science Issues

Board of Scientific Affairs
Board of Scientific Affairs members and guests at their November meeting (standing from left to right): Ulric Neisser, PhD, Harry T. Reis, PhD (Division 8 liaison), Samuel M. Turner, PhD, Fred Morgeson (Science Student Council liaison), Kurt Salzinger, PhD, Paul A. Scott, PhD (OBSSR Fellow), Alice H. Eagly, PhD, Donald N. Bersoff, PhD (Board of Directors liaison), and J. Bruce Overmier, PhD; (sitting from left to right): Diana T. Slaughter-Defoe, PhD, Norman Anderson, PhD (Director, Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research), and Cheryl B. Travis, PhD. Board members Robert L. Balster, PhD, and Robert Perloff, PhD, are not pictured.
At its semiannual meeting in November, the Board of Scientific Affairs (BSA) reviewed policies and took action on several issues that are important to scientific psychology. The Committee on Animal Research and Ethics (CARE) and the Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessment (CPTA) met in late September, prior to the BSA meeting, to evaluate initiatives specific to their missions.

The Board discussed recommendations referred to it by the Task Force to Promote Scientific Membership. This Task Force was established by the Council of Representatives to examine interventions that could strengthen the scientific base of APA. After its August meeting last year, the Task Force reported to Council, listing recommendations that it had given to APA boards and committees for implementation. Boards and committees were asked to provide BSA with an analysis of the Task Force's recommendations and their implementation plans. BSA will prepare a final implementation plan, which it will give to the Council at its August 1997 meeting.

BSA members continued to discuss the issue of archiving scientific data. Board members agreed that APA divisions need to be involved in these discussions and that it is necessary to find out the percentage of psychologists interested in archiving their data. BSA recommended that this issue be placed on the agenda of the Division Leadership Conference and that a briefing document be prepared and sent to divisions for review and comment. The BSA Chair met with the Chair of the Publications and Communications (P&C) Board to introduce the possibility of this becoming a joint initiative between the two boards.

The Board met with Norman Anderson, PhD, Director of the NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR) to discuss the first draft of the OBSSR Strategic Plan, about which Board members were generally positive. BSA engaged Dr. Anderson in a lively discussion about his first year as Director of OBSSR.
New Members of Board and Committees
(Terms 1997-1999)

Neal F. Johnson, PhD
Paul R. Sackett, PhD
Alice M. Young, PhD

Bruce Bracken, PhD
Janet E. Helms, PhD
Leaetta Hough, PhD

Marilyn Carroll, PhD
Linda Spear, PhD

Committee on Scientific Awards (COSA)
Robert G. Crowder, PhD
Frank L. Schmidt, PhD

Meeting Dates for 1997
March 14-16: BSA, CPTA, and CARE
September 26-28: CPTA and CARE
November 7-9: BSA

Committee on Animal Research and Ethics (CARE)

At its fall meeting, CARE reviewed a number of its ongoing projects. The Committee approved a document it had drafted, which advises researchers on handling requests for information or records pertaining to animal research (see page 2). This document will be published in various division newsletters.

The Committee discussed the CARE Animal Use Survey, which was mailed to both graduate and undergraduate institutions across the United States. Survey results will be published next year.

Because the Committee is trying to establish closer ties to the Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS), CARE member Sally Mendoza, PhD, developed a course plan for comparative psychology, which TOPSS will use while preparing a lesson plan for the secondary school level.

Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessment (CPTA)

CPTA had a full agenda at its September meeting. Committee members reviewed their policy efforts in 1996. The Committee monitored and wrote testimony on the assessment portions of the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), supported Dr. Frank Landy's research and testimony on Mandatory Retirement legislation, and participated in a meeting with the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights to discuss test score flagging for nonstandard administrations. CPTA also made plans for coordinating responses from APA's governance to the next draft of the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, which should be ready in the spring.

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