Plans for CARE Video Underway

Plans are well underway for the production of a video on the use of animals in psychological research. A project of the Committee on Animal Research and Ethics (CARE), CARE focused on developing the initial segment of the educational video at its March meeting.

The video is intended primarily for high school psychology and science classes. CARE's goal in producing it is to enhance student appreciation and understanding of scientific psychology in general, and the importance of animal research in psychology in particular.

The video will consist of 5- to 7-minute segments so that it can be integrated into classroom lessons. Its purpose is to counter misinformation about animal research and to offset and reverse the often adverse, hostile, and incorrect assumptions and attitudes about animal research that are propagated by groups opposed to the use of animals in research and teaching. In addition, it should help to educate the public about psychological science, to foster an interest in psychological research issues, and to promote an accurate understanding of the discipline.

Earlier this spring, CARE received funding from the APA Council of Representatives for the production of a pilot segment of the video. Both current and past CARE members will be involved in the production of this educational material, which will be first distributed through the Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS).

For more information about the video, contact Sangeeta Panicker, PhD, APA Research Ethics Officer, [(202) 336-6000; e-mail:].