APA and APS Collaborate on Revision of Principles

The American Psychological Society (APS) has joined APA's efforts to revise the Ethical Principles in the Conduct of Research With Human Participants. After being approved by APA's Board of Scientific Affairs and APS's Board of Directors, the Task Force is now the Joint Task Force with three additional members from APS: Lorraine Eyde, PhD, June Tangney, PhD, and Edward Katkin, PhD. The continuing members are Bruce Sales, PhD, JD, Susan Folkman, PhD, M. Brewster Smith, PhD, Matthew McGue, PhD, Dianne Scott-Jones, PhD, and Marian Fischman, PhD.

The original members from APA believed that collaborating with APS would enhance both the scope and the audience of the publication. As a result, the new 9-member group now represents a wider diversity of research areas and will provide more opportunities for comment by concerned parties. The final document will be approved by the governance bodies of both organizations.

The Joint Task Force met November 11-13, 1994, in Washington, DC. The members focused on the content of the publication and were specifically concerned about protecting participants in emerging areas of research not addressed in the previous edition. In addi-tion to delineating the content of the book, the Task Force also discussed its format and is working to produce a docu-ment that provides a strong theoretical foundation as well as practical assistance in planning and conducting research.

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