Division Focus: Division 19
(Military Psychology)

Geral P. Krueger, PhD, Star Mountain, Inc., President of Division 19

The Division of Military Psychology encourages research and the application of psychological principles and clinical methods to the problems of military populations. Civilian and uniformed military psychologists have academic backgrounds reflecting a wide diversity of specialties in psychology. We work in experimental laboratories, universities, schools of medicine, outpatient clinics, troop units, military installations, agency headquarters, defense contract companies, consultant groups, and, occasionally, on congressional committees. Uniting military psychologists is our interest in applying research, treatment practice, and consulting skills to human problems in military environments. Our clients are soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and their families, military leaders, and government and military policymakers who determine directions for the many complex issues concerning military communities.

Psychological research and application topics of interest include recruitment, selection, placement, training, and retention of military personnel; predicting and enhancing combatant performance in harsh environments; human engineering design of complex weapon systems for effective use by enlisted and offficer personnel; molding well-honed military teams by maximizing specialized differential skills to permit success on tough missions; coping with deployment to foreign lands, extended hours of work, austere surroundings, and lengthy separations from loved ones; adjusting to countless intricacies of the military life-style; meeting clinical needs of military families; assisting military leaders and civilian authorities in making smart decisions and informed policies that affect millions of military members and their families; and providing advice on integrating people of diverse ethnic and social backgrounds into the workplace. Often such work has broader implications for national social policy and private industry as well.


There are three categories of membership: APA Members/Fellows are eligible to be Division 19 Members; APA Associates can become Division 19 Associates. Students and individuals who are not members of APA may apply for status as Division 19 Affiliates.

Division 19's combined membership of over 500 uniformed active-duty and civilian psychologists work to provide clinical and research services on myriad military psychological issues in the United States, and many uniformed military psychologists work in troop units overseas as well. A number of military psychologists in other nations broaden the diverse membership base. Our relatively small size and camaraderie facilitate excellent interpersonal networking and communication with colleagues who share common interests. We hope you will consider joining us.

Special Events/Projects

Division 19 sponsors technical presentations, poster sessions, symposia, and invited special addresses at APA's Annual Convention. Frequently, the Division offers a preconvention workshop on emerging issues in military psychology. Recent workshop topics included updates on lesbian and gay concerns in the armed forces and implications of AIDS in the military.

Together with Division 21 (Applied Experimental and Engineering), Division 19 cosponsors an annual science symposium on research topics of mutual importance. The 2-day symposium in March 1996 featured renowned speakers on "Human Factors Implications of Individual Differences in Work and Daily Living."


Division 19 publishes the quarterly APA journal, Military Psychology, which recently presented the following special editions: Military Service and the Life Course Perspective, Women in the Navy, Team Processes, Training and Performance, and Stimulants to Ameliorate Sleep Loss During Sustained Operations.

Twice a year, members receive the newsletter, The "Military Psychologist," which recently addressed such topics as preventive medicine guidance to sustain health and performance of troop units deploying to harsh and stressful environments; the psychological implications of sending trained combatants on uncharacteristic peacekeeping missions overseas; and the balance of therapist-patient confidentiality standards with military demands on uniformed clinical officers.


Division 19 regularly presents three awards: Lifetime Achievement Award for Substantial Contributions to the Field, and Award for Military Psychology Excellence to an active contributing member of the Division, and the Yerkes Award for Military Psychology Contributions by a Nonpsychologist.

For more information, contact:

Membership Chairman Richard Harris, PhD
66 Canal Center Plaza
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 706-5655

Journal Editor Marty Wiskoff, PhD
BDM International
(408) 646-2448


Division 19 President Gerald P. Krueger, PhD
(703) 960-7000
e-mail: jerry_krueger@starmtn.uucp.netcom.com

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