Division Focus: Division 25

Edward K. Morris, PhD, Department of Human Development and Family Life, University of Kansas, President-Elect of Division 25
Among the APA divisions that advance psychology as a natural science, the Division for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior is perhaps unique in its emphasis on behavior as a subject matter in its own right. This analysis is pursued in three relatively distinct ways: (a) in the experimental analysis of behavior per se, which undertakes research on basic behavioral processes in a temporal and biological context; (b) in applied behavior analysis, which extends these processes and research procedures to behavior in a social context, especially to behavior-environment relations of relatively immediate individual, social, and cultural importance; and (c) in the conceptual analysis of behavior, which addresses historical, philosophical, theoretical, and methodological issues. The Division's membership thereby includes individuals with interests in areas as diverse as ethology and psychopharmacology; developmental and social psychology; clinical psychology, education, and social work; and the history, systems, and philosophy of psychology.

Purposes and Goals

Division 25 was founded in 1964 to promote basic research in the experimental analysis of human and nonhuman behavior; to stimulate the exchange of research information; to encourage the application of this research to human affairs; and to cooperate with divisions and disciplines having overlapping interests. The Division also contributes to APA governance by electing a representative to APA Council, and through members who serve on APA boards (e.g. the Board of Directors). In addition, the Division collaborates with other professional organizations (e.g., the Association for Behavioral Analysis) and organizational consortia (e.g., the Human Capital Initiative) to promote the scientific understanding of behavior and the application of that understanding to the larger national and international good.


Since 1965, Division 25 has published a newsletter, The Recorder; beginning in 1995, it will collaborate with APA on PsycSCAN: Behavior Analysis and Therapy. Both are sent to members in every Division membership category. The Recorder is published three times a year and serves as the Division's archival record of professional activities. It informs members about news of APA, Division governance, the Division's APA convention program, and behavior analysis more generally. PsycSCAN will be published on a quarterly basis, reprinting the abstracts of articles appearing in over 25 national and international journals, as well as abstracts culled from the PsycINFO database.

APA Convention

Division 25 participates in APA's Annual Convention by sponsoring individual speakers, symposia, and special events (e.g., a division dinner) and by cosponsoring scientific presentations with other APA divisions (e.g., experimental, clinical, industrial and organizational, psychopharmacology and substance abuse, and mental retardation and developmental disabilities). The Division also presents four awards at these meetings: (a) the B.F. Skinner New Researcher Award for important, innovative work conducted by individuals who are within 5 years of receiving their doctorate, (b) the Fred S. Keller Behavioral Education Award for distinguished contributions to education, (c) the Don Hake Basic/Applied Research Award for individuals whose work spans basic and applied research and represents the cross-fertilization of the two areas, and (d) the Experimental Analysis of Behavior Dissertation Award for individuals whose recent doctoral research has significantly advanced scientific knowledge in the field of basic behavioral processes.

Students Welcome

Division 25 invites student affiliates. They may participate in the Division's APA convention program and attend convention sessions, the business meeting, and the Division dinner. The Division is currently seeking additional ways to promote student involvement in the experimental analysis of behavior and in Division governance.


For information on Division 25 membership (regular, associate, student, or affiliate), please contact Peter A. Lamal, PhD, Division 25 Membership Chair, Department of Psychology, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC 28223; (704) 547-4789; FAX: (704) 547-3096; Internet: Palamal@unccvm.uncc.edu

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