1996 Distinguished Scientist Lecturers Selected

The Board of Scientific Affairs (BSA) has selected Peter J. Lang, PhD, Sara J. Shettleworth, PhD, and Larry R. Squire, PhD, as APA's 1996 Distinguished Scientist Lecturers. These psychologists will present their research at several regional psychological association meetings in 1996.

Dr. Lang's broad research on the psychology of emotion was the basis for his selection as a Distinguished Scientist Lecturer. He is Graduate Research Professor in the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology and Director of the National Institute of Mental Health Center for the Study of Emotion and Attention at the University of Florida. Dr. Lang will speak on "Emotion and Attention" at the 1996 Southwestern Psychological Association meeting in Houston, April 4-6, 1996, and at the Midwestern Psychological Association meeting in Chicago, May 2-4, 1996.

A highly respected scholar and a popular teacher, Dr. Shettleworth was selected as a Distinguished Scientist Lecturer to discuss her research in comparative psychology and comparative cognition. She is Professor of Psychology and Zoology at the University of Toronto. Dr. Shettleworth will speak at the Eastern Psychological Association meeting, March 29-31, 1996, in Philadelphia, and at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association meeting, April 12-14, 1996, in Park City, UT. Her lecture is entitled "The Ecology of Spatial Memory: A Case Study in Evolutionary Psychology."

Dr. Squire is known internationally for his research on the psychological and neuroanatomical mechanisms of memory. He holds appointments as Research Career Scientist at the V.A. Medical Center, San Diego, and as Professor of Psychiatry and Neurosciences at the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Squire will present his research on "Memory Systems of the Brain" at the Southeastern Psychological Association meeting, March 20-23, 1996, in Norfolk, VA.

Now in its eighth year, the Distinguished Scientist Lecturer Program was created by BSA, with the support of the regional association presidents, as a means of promoting scientific psychology. This past year, Thomas J. Bouchard, PhD, E. Mavis Hetherington, PhD, and Robert M. Kaplan, PhD, were selected for this honor.

Call for Nominations

BSA is currently seeking nominations for the 1997 Distinguished Scientist Lecturer Program. At its March 1996 meeting, BSA will select two or more scientists from the nominations. All nominations should include a letter stating the nominee's qualifications and a curriculum vita. Nominations must be received by February 1, 1996, and should be directed to:

Marybeth Hanley
APA Science Directorate
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242
(202) 336-6000

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