Dues-Reduction Effort Is a Big Hit

APA's recently implemented dual-membership dues-reduction effort has been a remarkable success for those in the scientific community. More than 4,000 APA members have been able to reduce their APA dues by 25% because of their membership in one of the societies belonging to the Federation, or in the American Psychological Society.

New members can join APA under the same arrangements--25% off regular first-year dues--just $37. And members who would like to rejoin APA can take advantage of both the dual-dues option and a special reinstatement option, allowing former members to come back for current-year dues only--no back dues. The $40 journal credit is still good, too, so APA membership is remarkably affordable.

For information on the dual-dues reduction plan, please contact the APA Membership Office at (202) 336-5580.

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