Science Directorate Creates Web Page for Nonacademic Employment Opportunities

The Task Force on Nonacademic Employment for Scientific Psychologists and the Science Directorate are pleased to announce a new Web page [], highlighting employment and career opportunities for research psychologists in nonacademic fields. The Board of Scientific Affairs established the Task Force in December of 1995 to address the need for increasing employment opportunities for scientific psychologists outside of academia. In developing this Web page, Task Force members wanted to publicize the skills possessed by research psychologists; educate industry about the value of psychological researchers; and generate discussions with psychology department chairs and faculty regarding graduate students working in nontraditional settings.

The Web page lists possible careers for research-trained psychologists; the kinds of skills and knowledge employers seek and that psychology graduates generally possess; personal stories written by research-trained psychologists in nonacademic careers; graduate programs that are relevant to nonacademic careers; and other sites of interest to research psychologists. The Web page will be updated, and new items will be added periodically.

If your graduate department/training program helps to prepare research psychologists for nonacademic careers, please send information about the program to Suzanne Wandersman, Director of Governance Affairs, at the APA Science Directorate, 750 First St., NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242; or via e-mail [].