Commission Seeks Involvement of Psychological Scientists

The APA Commission on Ethnic Minority Recruitment, Retention, and Training is seeking scientific psychologists and organizations to help enhance its efforts in the following areas: (a) minority student recruitment and retention, (b) minority faculty recruitment and retention, and (c) minority education and training.

APA recently established this 15-member Commission in response to the vast underrepresentation of persons of color in the field of psychology. This underrepresentation is particularly problematic because people of color are overrepresented in public settings where psychologists typically work and, also, because the importance of issues and interventions related to racial/cultural diversity is becoming increasingly evident in behavioral, health, social science, and clinical research.

Scientific psychology organizations are invited to identify liaisons and monitors to the Commission. Names, addresses, and other contact information of interested persons should be forwarded to Bertha Holliday at APA, at (202) 336-6029; e-mail:

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