'Focus on Science' Plans Well Underway for APA Convention

Planning is almost complete for Focus on Science--the 3-day compressed science programming at this year's APA Annual Convention in Toronto. Sunday through Tuesday, August 11-13, will be crammed with scientific presentations and other events of interest to psychological scientists.

Among the speakers who will present during this time are John D. Coie, PhD, James Farr, PhD, Charles R. Gallistel, PhD, Richard Jagacinski, PhD, Stuart Katz, PhD, George Koob, PhD, Gary Latham, PhD, Alexandra W. Logue, PhD, Doug Medin, PhD, Edward K. Morris, PhD, Julie Norem, PhD, Lauren Resnick, PhD, Sara Shettleworth, PhD, Abigail Stewart, PhD, and Thomas R. Zentall, PhD. For complete listings of Focus on Science speakers and their titles, visit the APA web site PsychNET.

If you would like to receive a copy of the Focus on Science program book (available in late June), please contact Science Directorate staff.

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