Psychologists "Focus on Science" in Toronto

1997 Miniconvention/National Conversation on "Psychology and Racism"

The Public Interest Directorate is pleased to announce its 1997 Miniconvention and year-long National Conversation Project on "Psychology and Racism." The Directorate is actively seeking collaborations with psychology training programs and research centers, APA divisions, state psychological associations, and other APA affiliates.

The Project's three major themes and associated major topics are as follows: (a) Psychology of Racism, (b) Racism in Psychology, and (c) Psychology of Antiracism.

The Public Interest Directorate is especially interested in soliciting the participation of persons involved in the scientific areas of psychology.

For more information, contact Bertha G. Holliday, PhD, Director, APA Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs (202-336-6029) or go to the following World Wide Web site:

This summer, thousands of psychologists traveled to Toronto to attend research presentations of some of their most distinguished colleagues at the 104th APA Annual Convention. Scientists, academicians, and students crossed the border so that they could attend topnotch invited addresses and symposia that were part of the Science Directorate's "Focus on Science" program. They also came to mingle--both at conversation hours and in hotel lobbies--with some of the leaders of the field.

In an effort to make the Convention more convenient and affordable for its constituency, the Science Directorate experimented this year with a new format--compressed science programming, in which several "science" divisions scheduled all of their sessions during a 3-day period. Although a few details still need to be fine-tuned, most attendees found the new format to be an improvement.

Another highlight of the Convention was the Conference on Drug Abuse. Sponsored by the Science Directorate and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the Conference brought together the science and practice communities to share with one another their research and experiences.

At this time, the Science Directorate is busy incorporating members' comments and suggestions into next year's plans. As a result, the 105th APA Annual Convention in Chicago should be the best one yet for psychological science! See you there!

photo of Alan I. Leshner, PhD, Norman Anderson, PhD, and Dalmas Taylor, PhD
(Left to right) Alan I. Leshner, PhD, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse; Norman Anderson, PhD, Director of the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research; and Dalmas Taylor, PhD, of Arlington, TX, at the annual Science Directorate reception, which was held on the campus of the University of Toronto.
photo of Alice Eagly, PhD and John Cacioppo, PhD
Board of Scientific Affairs Chair Alice H. Eagly, PhD, with John Cacioppo, PhD, Ohio State University, at the Science Directorate reception.
photo of Fernanda Ferreira, PhD
APA Distinguished Scientific Early Career Award Recipient, Fernanda Ferriera, PhD, Program Officer in the National Science Foundation Division of Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research, presents her research on "Understanding and Production of Language."
photo of Steven Hyman, MD
Steven Hyman, MD, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), discusses the "Future of Basic Behavioral Research at NIMH."
photo of Ann Robinson, PhD, Diana T. Slaughter-Defoe, PhD, and William C. Howell, PhD
(Left to right) Ann Robinson, PhD, Gateway Community Technical College, Diana T. Slaughter-Defoe, PhD, Board of Scientific Affairs member, and William C. Howell, PhD, APA Executive Director for Science, at the Science Directorate reception.
photo of Charles T. Snowdon, PhD
Charles T. Snowdon, PhD, University of Wisconsin, presents his Master Lecture Address "Tamarin Family Values: Mechanisms Maintaining Monogamy and Cooperative Child Care."

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