APA Journal Articles Make Psychology 'Hot List'

According to a Current Issues list of the ten most frequently cited research reports, seven appeared in APA journals. Current Issues (1994, Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), Philadelphia) published 'What's Hot in Psychology,' which ranked recently published papers that have attracted significantly more citations than other papers of the same age and type.

The following are the 10 'Hot Papers' in Psychology. Those with an asterisk appeared in APA journals. The source of this data was ISI's Science Indicators Database, 1990-June 1993. All papers on the list were published from 1990 to 1992 and were cited through June 1993.

  1. 'Personality structures: Emergence of the five-factor model,' Annual Review of Psychology, 41, by J. M. Digman. (91 citations)
  2. 'The role of attention in auditory information processing as revealed by event-related potentials and other brain measures of cognitive functions,' Behavioral Brain Science, 13, by R. Naatanen. (89 citations)
  3. * 'Comparative fix indexes in structural models,' Psychological Bulletin, 107, by P. M. Bentler. (81 citations)
  4. * 'Implicit memory: Retention without remembering,' American Psychologist, 45, by H. L. Roediger. (76 citations)
  5. * 'Things I have learned (so far),' American Psychologist, 45, by J. Cohen. (75 citations)
  6. * 'Children of depressed parents: An integrative review,' Psychological Bulletin, 45, by G. Downey & J. C. Coyne. (67 citations)
  7. * 'Implicit Memory for unfamiliar objects depends on access to structural descriptions,' Journal of Experimental Psychology--General, 119, by D. L. Schacter, L. A. Cooper, & S. M. Delaney. (57 citations)
  8. 'The neuropsychology of schizophrenia,' Behavioral Brain Science, 14, by J. A. Gray, J. Feldon, J. N. P. Rawlins, A. D. Smith, and D. R. Hemsley. (49 citations)
  9. * 'Adolescent drug use and psychological health: A longitudinal inquiry,' American Psychologist, 45, by J. Shedler & J. Block. (49 citations)
  10. * 'Gender and relationships: A developmental account,' American Psychologist, 45, by E. E. Maccoby. (47 citations)

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