New International Center of Cultural Ergonomics

An International Center of Cultural Ergonomics has been established at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Located in the psychology department, the Center also has representatives from human factors, cultural anthropology, business, education, industrial and aerospace engineering, political science, and biology and health sciences.

Through the development of a clearinghouse and centralized knowledge source, the Center will access, coordinate, and distribute ergonomically relevant cultural information. The Center will also generate, foster, and integrate multifaceted crossdisciplinary programs to help overcome challenges of multicultural diversity.

Comments, technical contributions and suggestions, and requests for information are welcomed. Contact: Dr. Michael Kaplan, Psychology Department, Phillips Hall, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 32816-1390; (407) 823-2734; FAX: (407) 823-5862; E-mail: KaplanM1@AOL.COM.

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