Nonacademic Employment Opportunities
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At its January 1997 meeting, the Task Force on Nonacademic Employment for Scientific Psychologists focused on producing a World Wide Web site that will include information on nonacademic employment opportunities for research psychologists. Task Force members worked with Science Directorate staff to make final the format of the site, which is accessible from both the APA and Science Directorate home pages. The web site lists alternative careers for research-trained psychologists; personal stories written by research-trained psychologists who have nonacademic careers; the skills and knowledge that employers seek and how they can be acquired in graduate school; graduate programs that are particularly good at preparing students for nonacademic careers; and other web sites with relevant information.

The Task Force also expects to work closely with the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology (COGDOP) in developing material to add to the web site and in collecting pertinent information. The chair of the Task Force, Gary M. Olson, PhD, from the Cognitive Science Laboratory at the University of Michigan, presented a talk at the annual meeting of COGDOP in February. Dr. Olson engaged the department chairs in a dialogue on how APA can assist research psychology graduate departments and how graduate departments can assist the Task Force.

The site debuted in March. Its URL is

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