Pennsylvania Establishes a Practice-Research Network

More than 200 Pennsylvania Psychological Association (PPA) members have agreed to participate in a psychotherapy outcomes research project over the next year. Committed to uniting the practice and research communities, PPA members established the Practice-Research Network to address the need for empirical validation of psychological treatment methods. PPA received funding to establish the Network from the APA Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice (CAPP) and the Pennsylvania State University.

Because employers, third-party payers, and consumers are demanding evidence of the effectiveness of the psychological services for which they pay, PPA decided that it was time to initiate such a project. PPA members believe that results from outcome studies will help them to improve the quality of their work. Furthermore, individual practitioners are interested in demonstrating and quantifying the effectiveness of their work to assist them in marketing their services.

Pennsylvania's Practice-Research Network will link practitioners with researchers in a mutual enterprise to share expertise and resources. Its goals are to collect basic outcome data from practitioners, to allow for the development of more specialized research projects involving both practitioners and researchers, and to focus on research questions of direct relevance to clinical practice.

PPA members took initial steps toward implementing the Network by establishing three committees. Thomas D. Borkovec, PhD, is Chair of the Practice-Research Network Ethics Committee. Dr. Borkovec is Professor of Psychology at Pennsylvania State University and has a long research history, especially in the area of anxiety disorders. Dr. Borkovec is also the recipient of PPA's 1994 Award for Distinguished Service to the Science and Profession of Psychology.

Ruben J. Echemendia, PhD, is Chair of the Practice-Research Network Core Battery Committee. Dr. Echemendia is Director of the Psychological Clinic at Pennsylvania State University and maintains a part-time private practice through the Child, Adult, and Family Psychological Center.

Stephen A. Ragusea, PsyD, ABPP, is Chair of the Practice-Research Network Oversight Committee. He is Director of Operations at the Child, Adult, and Family Psychological Center and is Executive Director of Psychological Forensics, PC, State College. Dr. Ragusea is Past President of PPA and, currently, is a member of APA's Council of Representatives.

For more information about PPA's Practice-Research Network, contact:

Pennsylvania Psychological Association
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