Drug Abuse Conference at APA Convention in Toronto

Are you looking for something a little different at the 1996 APA Annual Convention in Toronto next summer? The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the APA Science Directorate are cosponsoring a special set of programs within the Convention called the 'Conference on Drug Abuse.' NIDA has asked its finest scientists to submit papers as part of the conference, which will also include continuing education workshops, special keynote addresses, and a reception. NIDA is taking a broad view of drug abuse research for presentation at this conference and has sent invitations to the program chairs of every APA division, requesting their participation in selecting papers and symposia for the conference. This promises a program with something for everyone.

Alan Leshner, PhD, Director of NIDA, will give a keynote address at the beginning of the conference, emphasizing the need for research on the behavioral and social aspects of drug abuse and their interactions with the pharmacological actions of abused drugs.

Dr. Leshner said, 'I am really pleased to be working with APA to spread the word about drug abuse research. This conference is one way to help overcome the disconnect between the public perception of drug abuse and our knowledge of the scientific reality.'

'We expect to cover most aspects of drug abuse research, from behavioral neuroscience to newly developed therapeutic techniques,' said Meyer Glantz, PhD, the psychologist who is chairing the NIDA effort.

The Science Directorate is providing administrative support and publicity for the conference. 'We welcome the opportunity to provide a forum for showcasing the research of our members' research that's been sponsored by a major federal agency with which we've had a long and special relationship,' said William Howell, PhD, APA Executive Director for Science.

Several continuing education workshops are under consideration by APA's Continuing Education Committee for presentation at the conference. The first is designed for practitioners and others who want to learn about 'Basic Research in Drug Abuse.' The second will describe methods for evaluating the outcome of treatment, a prime topic in today's cost-conscious climate. Naturally, the workshop will focus on drug abuse treatment research, but the techniques apply to many areas of outcome research.

For additional information about the Drug Abuse Conference at the APA Convention in Toronto, contact Meyer Glantz, PhD, at NIDA, (301) 443-2974, e-mail: mglantz@aoada.ssw.dhhs.gov; or Christine Hartel, PhD, in the Science Directorate, (202) 336-000, e-mail: crh.apa@email.apa.org

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