NIDA Reorganization Highlights Behavioral Research

Following the arrival of new Director Alan Leshner, PhD, and given the current focus on 'reinvention' in all parts of government, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has undergone an internal reorganization. A new Behavioral Science Research Branch, located in the Division of Basic Research, is the result of this reorganization. Jaylan S. Turkkan, PhD, heads the Branch. The Division also includes a Behavioral Neurobiology Research Branch and a Basic Neurobiology and Biological Systems Research Branch.

According to Dr. Leshner, one of the goals of the reorganization is to broaden NIDA's behavioral research portfolio. Other goals include strengthening NIDA's leadership in AIDS research, infusing neuroscience throughout the Institute's research portfolio, building clinical etiology and treatment programs, enhancing services research, and focusing the Institute's epidemiology efforts.

The new structure includes four extramural research divisions: Division of Clinical and Services Research, Division of Epidemiology and Prevention Research, Division of Basic Research, and Medications Development Division. Also created was a new Office on Aids in the Office of the Director.

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