Duke University and Wayne State Will Remain Sites for 1995-1996 OHP Fellowship

In November, the Occupational Health Psychology (OHP) Advisory Board decided to renew site grants at Duke University and Wayne State University for postdoctoral OHP fellowships to begin in September 1995. Faculty at Duke and Wayne State submitted renewal applications that the Board reviewed along with new applications received from seven other potential sites. The fellowships are being funded through a cooperative agreement between APA and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

The research team at Duke University submitted a renewal application that was favorably reviewed by the Advisory Board. Their program is housed in the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the Duke University Medical Center and focuses on research and practice in the areas of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), epidemiology, and preventive health services. Wayne State University's program is centralized in the Department of Psychology, with a strong focus on industrial/organizational psychology, and activities in the areas of occupational medicine, biopsychology and toxicology, economics (from both business and public policy perspectives), and industrial relations. Fellows can select practica, research, and possibly coursework in areas of particular interest to them from the range of activities offered at each site.

Application materials are now available for individuals interested in becoming postdoctoral fellows at Duke or Wayne State. Faculty and staff at the sites will select their fellow from among the applications received by March 1. The new fellows will be notified in the spring. Funding is anticipated to continue for 1 additional year, with two additional sites being selected in the fall of 1995 for fellowships to begin in September 1996. Contact Dianne Schneider in the Science Directorate for a fellowship application or for more information about the program.

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