By Ivan Kos

On March 15, 1997, the American Psychological Association (APA) Council of Representatives approved the formation of the Division of International Psychology (Division 52).

The Division became a reality thanks to over 600 APA member petitioners who share the view that the function of psychology is changing as we approach the 21st century and the world shifts from national to global interests. The development of international psychology is timely and important, given the complex needs of an increasingly interdependent world community and our need to better understand the multicultural, multinational, and multidisciplinary dimensions of our changing world.

Some of the goals and objectives for the Division of International Psychology are:

Division 52 Pro Tem Officers

Ernst G. Beier, PhD

Florence L. Denmark, PhD

Sheila Joshi, PhD

Leonore Loeb Adler, PhD

to provide a forum for other APA Divisions, as well as international affiliates, to develop international activities and educational initiatives and programs;

— to promote a dialogue with international agencies to develop job training, research, and consulting opportunities;

— to encourage qualified colleagues abroad to join Division 52;

— to support and stimulate student participation; and

— to reach out nationally and internationally, providing a support to the APA International Affairs Office.

Division 52 welcomes all individuals who are interested in interacting with colleagues around the world in the practice, research, training, and communication of psychological knowledge, particularly knowledge that enhances international understanding and positive interaction among people with related interests. The Division works closely with APA’s Committee on International Relations in Psychology.

The Division of International Psychology also promotes and advances international practice, research, and communication through the annual APA Convention program, featuring symposia, papers, poster sessions, business meetings, and social hours.

The Division newsletter, the International Psychology Reporter, is published three times annually. The newsletter’s scope is inclusive and provides all members the opportunity to express themselves equally. We hope that the International Psychology Reporter will become a forum where the national and international psychology community can meet and mutually benefit from each other’s insights, information, and knowledge. The Division welcomes psychologists from all areas of the discipline.

In a world where multiculturalism is frequently encountered, the Division of International Psychology can serve as a vital link to connect the myriad achievements made by professionals’ ongoing study of changes and conflicts. The Division can function as the conduit for bringing these findings together for the benefit of humanity. And, through its newsletter, the Division can foster communication among psychologists from around the world.

Ivan Kos, PhD, is editor of the International Psychology Reporter. He is president of International Psychotherapy Associates in New York, New York. Readers wishing to communicate with Dr. Kos can reach him at the following e-mail address: