Planning for $500,000 Science Initiative Well Underway

Following the December 17 meeting of the Interim Advisory Committee (as reported in the last issue of Psychological Science Agenda), a science advisory subcommittee has been considering various proposals for the new $500,000 APA science initiative. These include initiatives to (a) educate the general public about scientific psychology, (b) develop a secondary education program regarding scientific psychology, (c) develop an educational mentoring program for outstanding undergraduate majors, (d) explore the development of an APA Office of Scientific Review, (e) enhance science advocacy efforts, f) train journalists in scientific psychology and provide scientific psychologists to leading newspapers as science-writing interns, and (g) develop an electronic university.

The subcommittee, composed of Denise Park, PhD (Chair), Duncan Luce, PhD, and Martin Seligman, PhD, will prepare a detailed implementation plan, including a discussion of funding priorities, logistics, feasibility, and cost estimates. A final report of the planning effort will be submitted to the APA Pre-sidents, the Chief Executive Officer, and the Council of Representatives by April 15.