1996 Regional Psychological Association Meetings: Highlights

The following are program highlights for upcoming annual meetings of regional psychological associations. Information was provided by each regional association.

Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA), March 20-23, 1996, Omni Waterside Hotel at Norfolk, Norfolk, VA

Program Theme: Understanding Aggression and Violence: Research Challenges

Presidential Address: 'My Odyssey: Tribulations and Triumphs on the Way Here,' Jennifer Friday, PhD.

Invited Speakers: Susan Sorenson, PhD, 'Relationship Violence: A Comparison of Ethnic Groups Using Quantitative and Qualitative Data'; L. Rowell Huesmann, PhD, 'The Development of Aggressive Behavior'; Brian Gladue, PhD, 'The Biopsychology of Aggression, Status, and Competition.'

Invited Symposia: 'Images of Violence: The Challenge of Determining Their Effects,' Dolf Zillmann, PhD, Chair; 'Violence Against Women,' Barry Burkhart, PhD, Chair; 'The Reversibility of Biobehavioral Adaptations,' Jean-Louis Gariepy, PhD, Chair.

Psi Chi-Sponsored Speaker: Robert Sternberg, PhD, 'What Makes a College Student Smart?'

CEPO-Sponsored Speaker: Carolyn West, PhD, 'Images of African-American Women in the Media.'

APA Distinguished Scientist Lecturer: Larry Squire, PhD, 'Memory Systems of the Brain.'

For registration information, contact the SEPA Administrative Office at the Department of Psycholoy, University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL 32514; (904) 474-2070.

Eastern Psychological Association (EPA), March 29-31, 1996, Philadelphia Marriot Hotel, Philadelphia

Presidential Address: George H. Collier, PhD.

Presidential Speaker: Byron Campbell, PhD.

Historian's Address: Thomas C. Cadwallader, PhD.

Distinguished Lecturers: Susan Fiske, PhD (social); Arnold A. Lazarus, PhD (clinical).

APA Distinguished Scientist Lecture: Sara J. Shettleworth, PhD, 'The Ecology of Spatial Memory: A Case Study in Evolutionary Psychology.'

Invited Speakers: Mark E. Bouton, PhD (animal learning); Thomas Carew, PhD (physiological); Stephen J. Ceci, PhD (developmental); Margaret Clark, PhD (social); John F. Dovidio, PhD (social); Margaret W. Matlin, PhD (cognition); Charles A. Perfetti, PhD (cognition); Daniel N. Robinson, PhD (history); Robert Seyfarth, PhD (cognition); Gerard P. Smith, PhD (ingestion).

Registration fee is $25 for regular members and $10 for students. For more information, contact Murray Benimoff, PhD, Eastern Psychological Association, Rowan College of New Jersey, Glassboro, NJ 08028; (609) 256-4585.

Southwestern Psychological Association (SWPA) April 4-6, 1996, Westin Galleria, Houston

Keynote Speakers: Lawrence Weiskrantz, PhD, Elizabeth F. Loftus, PhD, William C. Howell, PhD, Henry L. Roediger, III, PhD.

APA Distinguished Scientist Lecturer: Peter J. Lang, PhD, 'Emotion and Attention.'

Saul B. Sells Lecture: John F. Kihlstrom, PhD.

Scheduled Invited Symposia: Repressed Memory--Perspectives From the Cognitive Sciences (L. Weiskrantz, PhD, E. F. Loftus, PhD, Henry L. Roediger, PhD, J. F. Kihlstrom, PhD).

Invited Addresses (partial listing): Lewis M. Barker, PhD, Les Cohen, PhD, Addie Dutta, PhD, John Cornell, PhD, Paula T. Hertel, PhD, Kurt Kraiger, PhD, Randi Martin, PhD, Mark Pantle, PhD, Jim Patton, PhD, Bobbie Spellman, PhD, Joseph L. Rodgers, PhD.

Annual dues of $35 include convention registration. Graduate and undergraduate student dues are $25 and $15, respectively. For more information, contact Randall Wight, PhD, at (501) 245-5107, or Charles Weaver, PhD, at (817) 755-2961.

Western Psychological Association (WPA), April 10-14, 1996, Red Lion Hotel, San Jose, CA

Presidential Address: Nancy Eisenberg, PhD.

1996 PSI CHI Speaker: Robert Sternberg, PhD.

1996 CUPP Speaker: Elliot Aronson, PhD.

Opening event: Second Annual Lewis M. Terman Western Region Teacher's Conference.

Symposia and address participants (partial listing): Theodore Sarbin, PhD, Ellen Skinner, PhD, Stewart Agras, PhD, John Flavell, PhD, Eleanor Maccoby, PhD, Robert Zajonc, PhD, Philip G. Zimbardo, PhD, Joseph Campos, PhD, Hazel Markus, PhD, Nancy Russo, PhD, Jeansok John Kim, PhD, Steve West, PhD, Richard Lazarus, PhD, Oliver John, PhD, Brian Little, PhD, Shinobu Kitayama, PhD, Peter Bentler, PhD, Ross Parke, PhD, Paul Ekman, PhD.

Attendees are encouraged to preregister for the convention.

For more information, please contact the WPA office at (408) 924-7233, or write to the Western Psychological Association, Department of Psychology, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA 95192-0189.

Rocky Mountain Psychological Association (RMPA), April 12-14, 1996, Park City, UT

The 1996 RMPA convention is being dedicated to the memory of Beatrix Gardner, PhD, RMPA President, who passed away on June 5, 1995. In her brief term as President, Trixie had already begun planning and making arrangements for the convention in Park City. The RMPA Executive Committee has continued Trixie's theme and a variety of activities are scheduled as outlined below.

Special RMPA Presidential Address: R. Allen Gardner, PhD, 'A Tribute to Beatrix Gardner.'

RMPA Distinguished Lecturers: Roger Fouts, PhD, and Deborah Fouts, PhD, 'Recent Chimpanzee Sign Language Studies.'

APA Distinguished Scientist Lecturer: Sara J. Shettleworth, PhD, 'The Ecology of Spatial Memory: A Case Study in Evolutionary Psychology.'

Psi Chi Distinguished Lecture: David L. Rosenhan, PhD.

Battig Memorial Lecture: Richard Shiffrin, PhD, 'REM: A New Model for Explicit and Implicit Memory.'

Past President's Address: Donna Gelfand, PhD, 'Real World Research: Working With Depressed Mothers.'

RMPA Invited Address: Neal F. Johnson, PhD, 'A Multisource Model of Lexical Activation.'

Groups Underrepresented Invited Address: Martha Bernal, PhD, 'Do Acculturation Tests Measure Acculturation?'

Gardner Language Symposium: organized by former students of Trixie and Allen Gardner. Chaired by Tom Van Kantfort.

Ellis-Battig Memory Symposium: Alice Healy, PhD, Arthur Glenberg, PhD, Mark McDaniel, PhD, James Nairne, PhD, R. Reed Hunt, PhD.

Invited Symposium: 'Following the Hazda,' Nicolas Blurton Jones, PhD, Kristen Hawkes, PhD, James O'Connell, PhD.

Special Presentation: 'How to Fix Things With Words: Conversational Repair Mechanisms,' Bonnie Brinton, PhD, and Martin Fujiki, PhD. Advance Registration Fees (by March 1) are as follows: member $30, nonmember $60, student member $10, student nonmember $20. Registration after March 1 will include an additional $10 fee ($5 for students).

For more information, contact RMPA Program Co-Chairs Rick Miller, PhD, and Bill Wozniak, PhD, at the Department of Psychology, University of Nebraska at Kearney, Kearney, NE 68849; e-mail: miller@platte.unk.edu

Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA), May 2-4, 1996, Palmer House, Chicago

MPA Presidential Address: Ruth Maki, PhD, 'Knowing What You Know.'

APA Distinguished Scientist Lecturer: Peter J. Lang, PhD, 'Emotion and Attention.'

Invited Addresses: Elizabeth Bates, PhD, 'Rethinking Innateness: How the Brain Gets Organized for Complicated Things'; David Buss, PhD, 'Personality, Sex, and Evolution'; James W. Pennebaker, PhD, 'Language and Health'; Gene P. Sackett, PhD, 'Facts and Fantasies About Primate Models of Human Development'; Linda B. Smith, PhD, 'Domain-General (and Stupid) Processes Can Make Domain-Specific (and Smart) Development: Examples From Word Learning.'

Invited Symposia: 'Personality in its Macro Contexts: Social Class, Culture, and History,' David Winter, PhD, organizer; 'Functions in Stereotyping,' Allen R. McConnell and Jeffrey W. Sherman, PhD, organizers; 'Temperament and Emotion Regulation in Early Development,' Marcie Pfeifer, PhD, and Hill Goldsmith, PhD, organizers.

Council of Teachers of Undergraduate Psychology G. Stanley Hall Distinguished Speaker: Michael Domjam, PhD, on the general topic of learning.

Registration is free for MPA members. Registration fee for nonmembers is $30 for professionals and $10 for students.

For more information, contact Norbert L. Kerr, PhD, Department of Psychology, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824; FAX (517) 432-2076; e-mail: kerr@pilot.msu.edu.

New England Psychological Association (NEPA), October 25-26, 1996, Connecticut College, New London, CT

Invited Speakers: Shelley Taylor, PhD, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, PhD, Edith Kaplan, PhD, and Joan C. Chrisler, PhD.

There will be programming on a wide variety of topics, including events scheduled by Psi Chi/Psi Beta, CTUP/Division Two, and the New England State Psychological Associations. A high school teachers workshop will also be scheduled.

For more information, contact the Secretary: Estelle Friedman, PhD, 419 Norton Parkway, New Haven, CT 06511, (203) 776-8324.

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