Scientific Award Winners Chosen

The Committee on Scientific Awards selected the following individuals to receive the 1996 APA scientific awards in recognition of their outstanding theoretical or empirical contributions to basic or applied research in psychology.

The Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award was granted to Robert W. Goy, PhD, University of Wisconsin; and Shelley E. Taylor, PhD, University of California, Los Angeles; and, jointly, to David E. Rumelhart, PhD, Stanford University, and James L. McClelland, PhD, Carnegie Mellon University.

The Distinguished Scientific Award for the Applications of Psychology was given to Ward Edwards, PhD, University of Southern California.

The recipients of the Distinguished Scientific Award for an Early Career Contribution to Psychology were Mark Gluck, PhD, Rutgers University, in the area of behavioral neuroscience/animal learning and behavior; Lee Jussim, PhD, Rutgers University, in the area of social/personality psychology; David Lubinski, PhD, Iowa State University, in the area of applied research/psychometrics; and Caroline Palmer, PhD, Ohio State University, in the area of perception/motor performance.

The 1996 winners will present award addresses and receive award citations at the APA Annual Convention in Chicago, August 15-19, 1997.

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