Festschrift To Be Held Honoring Spence

A festschrift, "Models of Gender and Gender Differences: Then and Now," will be held April 24-26, 1997, to honor Janet Taylor Spence, PhD. This 3-day conference at the University of Texas, Austin, will celebrate the work and legacy of this great American scholar. Leading researchers will examine a range of issues related to gender from within the expansive theoretical framework that Dr. Spence has articulated over the last several decades.

Invited speakers include Kay Deaux, PhD, Susan T. Fiske, PhD, Peter Glick, PhD, Martha Mednick, PhD, Brenda Major, PhD, Rebecca Bigler, PhD, Jacque Eccles, PhD, Robert Helmreich, PhD, Monica Biernat, PhD, Margaret L. Signorella, PhD, and Carol Martin, PhD. The festschrift is being supported by a grant from the APA Scientific Conferences Program. Registration is required. The conference organizers are William Swann, PhD, Judith Langlois, PhD, and Lucia Gilbert, PhD, at the University of Texas at Austin. For more information, send e-mail to baird@psy.utexas.edu or call (512) 471-5985.

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