Talented Undergraduates Sought for Summer Institute

Do you know a talented undergraduate who might profit from spending a week with the best psychological scientists around? "The Nature of Research in Psychology" will be the theme for APA's Summer Science Institute, designed to attract such students to scientific psychology. The Institute is part of the Special Science Initiative that was funded by APA to promote the science of psychology.

The Institute will introduce and build on the concept of the scientific method in psychology. It will then feature content sessions that cover some of the major subfields of scientific psychology, such as social, cognitive, developmental, and biopsychology.

The Institute will also feature a field trip to the National Institutes of Health, where students will have the opportunity to speak with several distinguished psychologists and observe research conducted in their laboratories. In addition, students will meet with current graduate students and will be given up-to-date career-planning information.

Two sessions, each with 30 students, will be held at the University of Maryland, College Park. Students, whose expenses will be fully paid, will be able to choose between sessions occurring June 10-16 and July 8-14. Lest this become an "all work and no play" week, students will have a few "Washington, DC" opportunities, including an evening tour of the monuments on the mall.

Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr., PhD, will serve as the Institute leader for both sessions. Dr. Benjamin, of Texas A&M University, has led high school psychology-teacher summer institutes for many years and is well-known for his innovative teaching methods.

"We are really excited about Ludy's taking on this assignment. He is clearly the best qualified person to lead the Institute, and we are just delighted that he will be at the helm," said William C. Howell, PhD, APA Executive Director for Science. "Ludy is a master at grabbing the attention of students and drawing them into the subject matter."

The following are applicant requirements:

  1. Students should be college freshmen or sophomores.
  2. Applicants should have completed at least one of the following as preparation: a college introductory course in psychology; Advanced Placement psychology at the high school level; independent study by reading one or more psychology textbooks outside of course requirements; or supervised field or laboratory experience in psychology.
  3. Students must complete application materials, including references from faculty members, and submit them by February 1, 1996.

Selection decisions will be made by late February.

The Institute has been advertised in a variety of ways, including posters on campuses, announcements on student e-mail lists, and letters to department chairs and many faculty members.

To obtain application materials, please request the ūSummer Science Institute application packetū from the Science Directorate. Contact staff at (202) 336-6000; FAX: (202) 336-5953; or e-mail: science@APA.org.

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